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NY Islanders Team With Nickelodeon for Co-Branded Theme Game

Islanders Team With Nickelodeon for Co-Branded Theme Game

New York Islanders and Nickelodeon collaborating for special multi-platform experience on Saturday, April 3rd at 7:00pm.

The New York Islanders, in collaboration with Nickelodeon, are getting kids and families into the game with a special multi-platform experience on Saturday, April 3rd at 7:00pm. The evening will take the Islanders' game presentation to the next level with the incorporation of Nickelodeon shows and characters, both past and present, into the team's digital entertainment landscape.

Fans tuning in on the Islanders HomeIce Experience powered by the HomeTurf app, along with the team's social and digital channels, will be treated to one-of-a-kind Nick-themed content. The app will deliver exclusive content to fans' living rooms like trivia, polls, team videos and game celebration graphics featuring popular Nickelodeon characters from shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, PAW Patrol and Rocket Power. There will also be cardboard cutouts of Nickelodeon characters in the seats, 

Make sure to follow the New York Islanders on social media for more information on a chance to win a custom Islanders and Nickelodeon themed goalie mask.

"The New York Islanders are excited to partner with Nickelodeon, a company that has entertained generations of Islanders fans for years," said Danielle Lewis, Director of Game Presentation. "We are always looking for new ways to provide memorable experiences, and with Nickelodeon's innovative, nostalgic and entertaining programming, it was a perfect fit to join efforts and connect with fans of all ages."

Speaking to Sports Business Journal, Lewis added “We’re looking to elevate our game presentation

“It’ll be a co-branded game. So in every single element, you will definitely see touches of Nickelodeon, whether it’s their different characters or things that are iconic to Nickelodeon. For example, their slime.”

The Islanders will likely begin teasing the themed game on Monday with video content, Lewis said.

The Nickelodeon elements will not appear on broadcast, so if fans wish to see what the same video board, in-arena experience looks like from within the Coliseum, they can do just that via the HomeTurf App, according to Lewis. It is a “new broadcast enhancement tool” that debuted on March 6. Fans can then sync their second-screen experience with the game broadcast.

As part of the co-branded game, trivia in the HomeTurf App will be Double Dare-themed, while all of the questions will center around Nickelodeon shows and have some tie-ins to the Islanders, Lewis explained. The top 100 people on the poll and trivia leaderboard will be awarded prizes, like a plush Islanders lobster, which plays off sketch comedy show The Amanda Show. Since ’19, dancing lobsters, which are featured in the show, have become part of victory celebrations on social media following an Islanders win.

“We’re able to tie this all together in a really fun way that will entertain our fans and provide them a unique experience than just our typical games,” Lewis said.

The NHL game follows the NFL creating a lot of buzz this past season when they collaborated with Nickelodeon for a special telecast of the NFC Wild Card Game between the Saints and Buccaneers.  The broadcast was filled with special features and graphics with lots of slime and Nickelodeon characters creating a fun and educational experience for younger football fans or kids who were new to the game.

Likewise, the Islanders will incorporate Nickelodeon shows and characters, past and present to cover multiple generations

“We saw what (the NFL) did during the Wild Card game and it was great to really take some inspiration from there and collaborate with them,” Lewis told NY Sportsday.  “What we’re looking to do during the game is really just stretch across Nickelodeon’s different properties. We have certain elements within the game explaining hockey and what happens when there’s a penalty? What is icing? How many players are on the ice? Things like that to introduce young fans to the game of hockey.”

“Generations of Islanders fans grew up with Nickelodeon or their kids grew up with Nickelodeon,” said Lewis.  Really stretching across those different properties so that you have some people that sense of nostalgia.  It’s going to be very cool to see the co-branded look that we’ve developed to see it come to life is great.  We’re excited to display that for fans.  We have some videos coming out soon to just get fans excited about the game.”

While there will be content across social media and on the video boards at the Coliseum that night, as well as cardboard cutouts of Nickelodeon characters in the seats, the main platform for the co-branded content will be through the Islanders HomeIce Experience which requires downloading the HomeTurf app.  There will be plenty of slime, interactive activations, trivia, polls and prizes.  Fans are encouraged to follow the Islanders on social media for a chance to win a custom Islanders and Nickelodeon themed goalie mask.

As previously mentioned, The Amanda Show will be a big part of the night. The sketch show starring Amanda Bynes ran on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2002.  Among the sketches was “Judge Trudy”, a spoof of Judge Judy where dancing lobsters were called into the courtroom at the end of cases.   The Islanders social media team has been posting the video of the dancing lobsters after wins so naturally that will be an element to Nickelodeon night.

“We’re actually giving the top 100 on our leaderboard for the evening a plush Islanders lobster,” said Lewis.

Whether you’re one of the 1,400 fans who will be at the Islanders vs Flyers game on April 3rd or you’re watching the game at home, Islanders Nickelodeon Night should be a fun evening for fans of all ages.  Being an Islanders fan is something that is passed down from generation to generation and now being a fan of Nickelodeon has spanned multiple generations.

Stay tuned through the Islanders HomeIce Experience and team social channels for more information about the collaboration and teasers leading up to the April 3rd takeover. Content will be featured on, Islanders Facebook (@NewYorkIslanders), Instagram (@NY_Islanders) and Twitter (@NYIslanders). For more information on how to download the HomeTurf App, visit


The New York Islanders and Nickelodeon have teamed up for a night of fun for the April 3rd matchup against the Flyers. As part of Nickelodeon Night, the Isles have created this one-of-a-kind goalie mask that features your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants characters. Enter HERE for you chance to win. 
Entries must be received by 10PM EST on Sunday, 4/4/21.

Goalie mask is adult-sized. 
For a complete list NYI of terms and conditions, click here.
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Please complete all fields and submit the entry form HERE to enter.

Originally published: Friday, March 26, 2021.

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