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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Episode 1: Welcome to Silent Springs | My Dad The Rock Star | KEEP IT WEIRD

Episode 1 | My Dad The Rock Star | KEEP IT WEIRD


After years on the road, Willy and the rest of the Zilla clan arrive in their new, adopted hometown of Silent Springs. Hoping to be accepted for who he is, rather than for being the son of a famous rock star, Willy hides his identity from his classmates…with comically complicated results.

The good news is Willy makes a couple of new best friends, Quincy and Alissa. The bad news is, he also comes to the attention of the school bully, Buzz, who forces Willy to “prove” himself by stealing a gold record from none other than Rock Zilla. Faking the theft of the gold record by sneaking it out of the house isn’t a problem – but getting it out of Buzz’s clutches when the bully fails to keep his end of the bargain is another story.

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