Thursday, July 25, 2019

'90s 'All That' Star Alisa Reyes to Guest Star on Revival

Update (7/25) - Alisa Reyes has confirmed that she will be appearing in an upcoming episode of All That!:

Nickelodeon’s brand-new version of its legendary sketch comedy series, All That made its debut last Saturday (June 15, 2019), featuring a whole new cast as well as cameos from legacy cast members Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg & Josh Server, who not only gave the new cast words of advice, but revived some of their classic sketches, such as Vital Information and "Ed" the Good Burger Guy. The series is also be executive produced by OG cast members Mitchell and Kenan Thompson.

However, if the return of Nick's iconic series wasn't exciting enough, old school All That fans are about to have even more to be excited about!

Alisa Reyes, who was a recurring actor on the original '90s show, guested on AfterBuzz TV’s All That aftershow and teased a return to the show!

“I would definitely love to come back,” said Reyes. “I think that’s kinda in the works and stuff like that, so everyone just has to stay posted.”

It’s apparently not just Reyes who might be coming back. It seems others could be, too!

“I’m sure that a lot of us OGs little by little will be making some appearances,” revealed Reyes.

Although it'll be great to see more legacy All That stars make cameos on the all-new series, it might be tricky for Danny Tamberelli (The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Space Cases, Figure it Out), as he's just welcomed his first child with his wife, Katelyn Detweiler! Congrats Katelyn & Danny!

What would Reyes like to come back and do? She has a particular skit in mind.

“I think I’m ready to come back and play on the island for sure with Fran [Lori Beth Denberg], and sing, ‘forever, and ever, and ever, and ever,'” said Reyes.

Also in the interview, Reyes gave some advice to the new kids on the show.

“I think they need to just really bask in the moment and just be present in the moment and to have fun and to be fearless and to not worry,” said Reyes, “because we didn’t have social media, what anybody says about you on social media.”

All New All That airs every Saturday night at 8:30pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon USA! Click the following link for more info and to meet the new cast members!:

Did you hear? Nickelodeon and the duo behind viral pop-up phenomenon Saved by the Max are teaming up to open a Good Burger pop-up restaurant!:

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Originally published: Monday, June 17, 2019 at 9:22pm BST.

Original title: '90s 'All That' Star Alisa Reyes Teases Massive Return of OG Cast.

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