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Power Rangers' Abraham Rodriguez Talks Beast Morphers' Gold Ranger, Latino Representation, and More | Interview

The world of Power Rangers has a brand new Gold Ranger in Nate Silva, and recently had the chance to talk to the star behind the Ranger, Abraham Rodriguez all about it! As fans know, Nate took his place as a Ranger in episode 8 of Beast Morphers, and had a chance to chat with Rodriguez about what that means for Nate, as well as bringing another Latino Ranger to the franchise, fan reactions to his new role, and more!

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First, CB had to bring up the reveal of his new Gold Ranger status, something fans see play out in The Cybergate Opens. After the news hit reactions from the Power Rangers community came flooding in, and Rodriguez couldn't be more thrilled about the response.

"Well, I am just speechless with the response," Rodriguez said. "It's been absolutely amazing, and the fans have been super supportive, and they love it, and I'm just so happy to be so well received, supported, and loved by all the fans, and everyone. And it's a big deal because they are big shoes to fill, and I'm happy that the fans are rooting for me, and it's a really special feeling. I'm happy that people who have been watching the show forever can relate in my character and see themselves in it."

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"And I'm happy to represent the Latino community, as well, and be a figure that they can see themselves in and relate to," Rodriguez said. "I'm so happy with just the responses of everyone, and how it's been going so far. Yeah. I'm ready to be a Power Ranger, and I'm ready to fight and show everyone what Nate has in store. I'm really, really excited for the future, and for everyone to see all the upcoming episodes, because being the child prodigy and the lead scientist at Grid Battleforce was such a huge character arc for Nate to now be a Ranger himself, and not just stay in the lab and be behind the computer, but actually fight himself, and join the team."

"I'm so happy to be revealed now," Rodriguez said. "It's been a secret that I've been keeping since I found out that I booked the role, and I've been here. Yeah, it's really, really exciting. I never thought the day would come, and it finally came, and it's just been absolutely amazing."

Rodriguez will bring the franchise its latest Latino Ranger, which only expands the already multi-ethnic reach of the franchise and allows anyone to see themselves in the show.

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"One of the biggest reasons why Power Rangers is so great to me, why I love it so much, is because of it being multi-ethnic, and anyone can be a Ranger, Rodriguez said. "It's not just a specific race, but they really let every race shine, and show to everyone, yeah, everyone can be a Ranger, no matter what your ethnicity is, or what kind of traits you have."

Rodriguez is also excited about breaking other stereotypes though with Nate. "Nate is, he's not someone you would think would be a Ranger off the bat," Rodriguez said. "You see him as the nerdy science kid, and he's more the tech guy. He knows the computers and all of that, but I'm so happy to break those stereotypes and play a character that can do both. He can be the science guy, but he can also kick butt at the same time."

"Along with being Latino, I love that," Rodriguez said. "I love that I get to be that for children, for people that watch the show. Because growing up, I would have loved to see a Latino superhero figure, so I'm happy that I get to be that now for other generations. Just to think that kids are watching the show, and see themselves in me and see their ethnicity and are rooting for me, it's really special. That's why I love doing what I do, is to make people happy, and if I can put a smile on their face, then I know I did my job. Yeah. It's great."

Rodriguez learned he would be a Ranger when he officially got the part, but it wasn't until later that it all would all sink in. "It was definitely the moment when I put on the Ranger suit," Rodriguez said. "I will never forget that moment. It was such a special, unique, amazing experience that I'll never forget. Yeah, it was just, it's funny because I am a Ranger, but you're in civilian clothes all the time, so it doesn't really feel like it. But when you put the suit on, it's like, "Whoa. I am a Power Ranger." And it's such a wholly different experience. Yeah, it was great."

Update (5/26) - Rodriguez also revealed how Nate's new role will change the character going forward!

"I think his biggest challenge will be definitely that he's not used to fighting himself, and he is very used to developing new weaponry to helping the Rangers, and sending them anything that they need," Rodriguez said. "But now that he's actually going to be fighting for himself, I think it is also an advantage because he does know how all of this works more than anybody because he's been working at Grid Battleforce since he was six years old, developing, you know, he developed Morph-X."

While Nate will now be fighting on the front lines, that doesn't mean he'll be abandoning his other skillsets by any means.

"So I think that's definitely an advantage for him to know the scientific realm, and everything about Grid Battleforce, and the weapons, and now be able to use that himself when fighting," Rodriguez said. "I think it's a really big step up, and I think it'll definitely overall help the team to fight Evox. So yeah, I'm really, really excited for everyone to see Nate fighting, and also continue doing his science stuff, and continue developing new weaponry, new tactics, and plans to overall work as a team to fight Evox."

Nate made his big Gold Ranger debut (along with the Silver Ranger) in episode 8 of Beast Morphers, and fans can't wait to see what Nate gets up to when the series returns.

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Beast Morphers is the 26th season of Power Rangers, and the brand doesn't show any sign of slowing down, especially after getting a fresh lease on life after Hasbro purchased the franchise from Saban. Part of the series' charm is how every generation has a cast and season that speaks most to them, and they, in turn, show that season to their kids who find a show they can relate to. For Rodriguez, that's one of the biggest factors in the franchise's longevity.

"I think it's definitely a tradition," Rodriguez said. "It's something that so many generations have grown up watching, that everybody just wants to keep watching it. As people get older, they want to show their kids what they watched as a kid, but it's so cool that it keeps being made and becomes something new, every year, so that it evolves with the generation itself. And yeah, I love that it changes every few seasons and that it becomes its own new series. And I think that's why it's been able to be what it is for so long because they keep making it new, and fresh, and different, and unique, and people want to keep watching it, and see what's new, and what's next in the Power Ranger franchise."

Power Rangers Beast Morphers airs Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon USA.

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Originally published: Sunday, May 19, 2019.

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