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Nickelodeon Brazil Launches 'Slime Nickelodeon Original' Slime Range in Partnership with Asca Toys

Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil), through its product licensing department, has announced the launch 'Slime Nickelodeon Original', a brand-new range of Nickelodeon Slime products, in partnership with Asca Toys! The iconic Nickelodeon slime is now available to purchase in pots in stores all across Brazil.

Nickelodeon has been synonymous with slime since the number-one entertainment brand for kids introduced the green semi-viscous substance to kids in the 1980's, and Slime is the ultimate symbol of free-spirited mess and the physical embodiment of Nickelodeon's unconventional spirit.

Slime first appeared on Nickelodeon on You Can't Do That On Television and Double Dare in the 1980's, and has since become a staple of Nickelodeon. Being slimed by Nickelodeon is regarded as one of the highest honors you can have bestowed on you by many celebrities. Among the many stars who have been honored with a world famous Nickelodeon sliming are Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry and Jim Carrey at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and international footballer David Beckham, who received Nickelodeon's first golden sliming at Kids' Choice Sports.

Aligned with the Slime Fever that has gripped kids for the past couple of years, Nickelodeon, widely regarded as the inventor of slime, has licensed the semi-viscous substance to launch the range, which provides kids with several different ways for them to have fun with this phenomenon.

There are six colours of Nickelodeon slime to collect, each featuring energetic, vibrant and attractive colour tones that invite kids to play with them. The compound presents excellent texture and elasticity, which allows total exploration of the substance, making play creative, fun, stimulating and challenging. Kids will also be able to manipulate the slime to make humorous sound effects.

And it doesn't stop there! Besides the original aroma of green apple for the most famous colour - green - the other colours in the collection also feature aromas of different fruits, which give a special and unique character to each of the colours presented. Ready for this unforgettable (and enjoyable) experience? It's Slime Time!

All products produced by Asca Toys are non-toxic and their properties are tested and certified by an accreditation body of the General Coordination for Accreditation of Inmetro and other agencies to ensure the quality and excellence of products in Brazil. The toy company are also internationally certified by C.E. (Conformité Européenne). By this certification, the company can guarantee the international quality of their products.

Nickelodeon Brasil has been expanding Nickelodeon Slime's presence in the country over the last few months. The launch of the 'Slime Nickelodeon Original' range follows the launch of a Nickelodeon Slime touring retail activation, party ware line, a Nickelodeon Slime apparel collection, and the Slime É Nick celebration of slime. Nickelodeon Slime rangers have also launched internationally, including in the U.K. and in the U.S.A.

Below is Nickelodeon Brasil's official press release announcing the aweslime news, via EP GRUPO:

Nickelodeon e Asca Toys lançam o ‘Slime Nickelodeon Original’

23 May 2019

O produto já está disponível em pontos de venda por todo o Brasil

São seis cores de massa em tons energéticos, vibrantes, atraentes e convidativos à brincadeira

A Nickelodeon, por meio de seu departamento de licenciamento de produtos, acaba de lançar no mercado o ‘Slime Nickelodeon Original’ em parceria com a Asca Toys. A famosa e conhecida “meleca verde” já está disponível em pontos de venda por todo o Brasil.

Em comemoração aos 35 anos do nascimento do Slime, alinhado com a febre que atingiu as crianças no último ano, a Nick, como criadora da “meleca”, licenciou o produto e traz diversas formas de se divertir com esse fenômeno.

São seis cores de massa em tons energéticos, vibrantes, atraentes e convidativos a brincadeira. A massa apresenta excelente textura e elasticidade, o que permite total exploração dos efeitos físicos e sonoros no momento da manipulação, tornando a brincadeira criativa, divertida, estimulante e desafiadora.

E não para por aí! Além do aroma original de maçã verde para a cor mais famosa, as demais cores trazem aromas de diferentes frutas, que conferem um caráter especial e único a cada uma das cores apresentadas. Preparados para essa inesquecível (e gosmenta) experiência?

Slime Nickelodeon Original – by Asca Toys
Onde encontrar: BH Toys

Fontes: Viacom Brasil

Fundamento RP [Nickelodeon]

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