Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nickelodeon Israel Says A Fond Farewell To "The Greenhouse"

For almost four years, fans of "החממה" ("The Greenhouse") have tuned in to Nickelodeon Israel and watched the drama and excitement unfold for the pupils at the worlds most elite boarding school for gifted future leaders! You've been there from the shows very first moments through to the students' recent graduation. You opened your hearts to the characters of the show, you wrote, you uploaded, you shared, you sang and you danced along to all the action of the show with the stars and crew of the series.

To say a fond farewell to Nickelodeon Israel's "The Greenhouse" ("HaKhamama" in Hebrew), below is a selection of fantastic video clips from Nick Israel's popular locally produced drama series, including the touching moment the Eagles and the Ravens graduate along the banks of Sea of Galilee, and a tribute looking back at some of the most memorable moments from the show!

החממה 3.5 - הרגעים הגדולים: טקס הסיום - ניקלודיאון (Graduation Day):

The students of "The Greenhouse" graduate with flying colours!

החממה 3.5 מאחורי הקלעים - רגע אחרי צילום הסצינה האחרונה של החממה - ניקלודיאון (That's A Wrap!):

Go behind-the-scenes of "The Greenhouse" and check out what happened when the cast filmed their final scene!

קליפ הפרידה הרשמי של החממה - "ניצחתי" / לי בירן - ניקלודיאון (Goodbye from "The Greenhouse"):

במשך כמעט 4 שנים החממה נכנסה לכולנו ללב, אתם הייתם שם יחד איתה מהרגע הראשון.
תודה לכם שפתחתם לפנינו את ליבכם, כתבתם, העלתם, שיתפתם, צילמתם תיעדתם, שרתם, רקדתם.
הייתם איתנו לאורך כל הדרך, צפיתם בפרקים, התרגשתם במפגשי המעריצים, שרתם בקול ענק בהיכל נוקיה, הרגשנו והתרגשנו יחד איתכם בכל רגע

As we prepare to say goodbye to the students of the "The Greenhouse", take a look back at some of their most memorable moments! The video also features Lee Biran (Iftach) performing "Won"!

החממה 3.5 - קליפ הפרידה | גרסת המעריצים - ניקלודיאון (Fan Tributes):

"החממה" theme song (original Hebrew version):

Lee Biran performs the "החממה" theme tune!

"The Greenhouse" theme song (English version):

"The Greenhouse" theme song translated into English!

Although fans are saying goodbye to "החממה", it's not the end of the series, as Netflix recently acquired the format rights to Nickelodeon Israel's hit drama series "The Greenhouse" - the US media giants first Israeli television show!

In the landmark deal, Netflix will remake and adapt "The Greenhouse" for American audiences. While the Israeli series takes place on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the American version, to be filmed in Israel, will be set near the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

Paula Yoo ("West Wing", "Defiance", "Eureka") is adapting with showrunner Giora Chamizer, who wrote and created the original series. Nutz Productions, a subsidiary company of Ananey Communications (which broadcasts Nickelodeon domestically), will produce the American series for Netflix.

The American version of "The Greenhouse" will retain the title "The Greenhouse" and will be released for streaming in 2017.
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