Friday, March 20, 2015

Sneak Peek From Brand-New "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" Episode "Abraquadabra", Premiering 3/21 On Nickelodeon USA

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering and showing the brand-new episode of the networks new hit original comedy series "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" called "Abraquadabra" on Saturday 21st March 2015, at 8:30pm ET/PT; 7:30c, Nick USA has unveiled a quad-tastic sneak peek preview of the all-new episode on their official YouTube channel, which you can watch in the quad-tastic online streaming video clip below!:

After Ricky (Casey West Simpson) gets grounded, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn (Aidan Gallagher, Mace Coronel and Lizzy Greene) attend a magic party called Get Tricky, and quickly realize it just isn't the same without their missing brother. Don't miss "Abraquadabra", airing Saturday at 8:30/7:30c, only on Nickelodeon USA! Cosmo the Magical Mind Reading Boy looks very familiar...
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