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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Cast Of "Every Witch Way" Talk About Season Three

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA starting to premiere and show brand-new episodes from the all-new third season of "Every Witch Way" weeknights from Monday 5th January 2015, the entertainment news website Just Jared Jr. recently caught up with the stars of "Every Witch Way" season three, including new cast member Elizabeth Elias, who plays the shows new villain Mia in EWW season three, during Nickelodeon's spellbinding "Every Witch Way Weekend" event at Universal Studios Orlando in Florida, USA, who talked about what fans can expect to see during "Every Witch Way" season three!

The full cast of "Every Witch Way", Paris Smith, Diego Alvarez, Daniela Nieves, Denisea Wilson, Autumn Wendel, Zoey Burger, Louis Tomeo, Jackie Frazey, and Jason Drucker were all in attendance at Nick's fun-filled fan event.

As part of Nick's special "Every Witch Way Weekend", which took place at the popular Florida theme park over Friday 12th and Saturday 13th December 2014, the stars of EWW helped kick off the "Macy's Holiday Parade" and even jumped on the "Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It" roller coaster, not once, but three times in a row! (Zoey and Elizabeth were spied holding hands in utter fear!)

The action-packed weekend included a Q&A session, set props giveaway with fans, meet and greets, and an autograph session, and concluded with a exclusive sneak peek preview of the first two episodes of Season 3!

Season three of "Every Witch Way" promises to have tons of fun, lots of drama and show-stopping magic, plus plenty of hilarious moments!

Check out for a exclusive video and tons of photos from Nickelodeon's spellbound "Every Witch Way Weekend"!: What can we expect from Season 3?

Nick: First of all, we have a new character this season. While Emma is really controlling her powers more and taking it to her full advantage. Like in the first episode, something happens and she doesn't know what to do – but her powers are getting stronger and stronger by the day. She just has to know how to control them.

Rahart: You can expect a lot of drama, bombshells, and things you wouldn't expect.

Zoey: You can also expect a lot of magic!

Jackie: T3 are going to have some huge competition. And their pranks might backfire a little bit.

Louis: There are going to be a lot of messes. It was very very very messy on set.

Jason: One more thing I can say about the new girl (Mia) is she is very rebellious.

Tyler: A lot of new drama, a lot of new magic. Really cool new magic tricks. And the new character Mia is going to cause a lot of new issues for a bunch of the couples.

Denisea: You can expect a lot of makeups and breakups.

Elizabeth: We're spicing things up this season.

Paola: There's a new location called the Beach Side 7. And Emma is a waitress, Daniel is a life guard, Diego is the manager, and Gigi is also the waitress. That's where everything is going down.

Autumn: There's a lot of magic and lots of animals.

Tyler: And Diego's relationship builds up a lot more!

Paris: Miego!

Tyler: Cause the whole last season was building up to 'Miego.' And now that they're together, you can see their relationship grow and evolve. A lot of new effects and Diego gets better with his powers.

Zoey: You can expect a new character this season and she is bringing the evil. She's getting her evil on!

Rahart: So Jax is put in rebel's bootcamp because he's so much of a rebel. He doesn't care so much for rules so he's being reprimanded for it. So Agamemnon has put him in his bootcamp and you'll see how he progresses as a character...whether he changes or not. But there's a lot that happens along the way that you wouldn't so much expect.

JJJ: So what's the story about Jax? Is he good or a baddie?

Rahart: Jax is still Jax down to his heart. Jax to me is the rebellious wizard – he doesn't care too much for rules, but he has a huge heart. He's has this front up that he feels he has to be this cool guy. You see, there are some things this season that really define him as a person on who he wants to be.

Nick: Daniel still loves Emma with his every fiber of his being. But with Emma he just wants to control her a little bit and not let her make so much magic. He still does not believe in magic in his core even though he loves Emma. So it's kind of a contradiction for himself to love her and deal with her powers. Through the season he becomes more and more adapted to it and understands it a little bit better.

JJJ: What similarities and differences do you have with the characters that you play on the show?

Denisea: Similarities is I love my character's wardrobe most of the time. As for differences, one thing I don't like about my character is how submissive Katie is because I believe people should stand up for themselves. Maddie is a little too mean and I feel like sometimes that's the type of friendship you have, you might not have the best friendship. So I would want to teach kids that you should be respected and you should make sure to give respect and get respect. If you're not getting respect, you're in the wrong relationship.

Liz (who plays the new villain, Mia, on the show): I would have to say the similarities is that we both share the same body!

All: Hahaha!

Liz: We're completely different. Mia is rebellious and I'm this nice girl who loves to make friends. We're just completely different.

JJJ: Was it hard to get into that role?

Liz: Actually no! I guess it's the inner 'bad girl' in me that comes out, you know? Everyone has a dark side.

Tyler: Me and Diego are similar in that we both like to have fun and are really passionate about things. When I love somebody I really love them and when I'm good friends with someone I would do anything for that person. And Diego is very loyal just like me. But differences is Diego is very neurotic. I'm kind of neurotic, but not really as neurotic.

(Insert cast laughter)

Tyler: He's obsessive and I'm not as obsessive. Little bit, but not there yet!

(Insert more cast laughter)

Tyler: He doesn't take school seriously, and I kind of take school seriously.

Autumn: I hope I make a little bit more sense than what Sophie does. I love how she just wants to be herself! I love that and I'm the same way. I feel like if you can't be yourself, then who you are you going to be? Also, I would not be the popular mean girl like Sophie is, but she rocks it!

Paris: I would have to say definitely the fashion thing. Maddie loves fashion and I love fashion. She loves shopping and I love shopping. Differences is Maddie can be a little mean. I'm not THAT mean. I'm a little sassy but not like mean or bratty or anything like that!

Paola: I admire Emma's honesty. I would say I'm pretty honest and trustworthy person, only because that's what I want to receive back from people. So definitely that – and then we're both pretty naive. It's like we'll end up getting wiser, but I'm still young and naive. I guess with the trustworthy thing, I trust a little bit too easily. Differences, throughout the seasons, she's learned to stand up for herself, way better than Season 1. So I love that. Definitely compared to Season 1, I stand up a lot better than she does.

JJJ: Is that what we can expect from Season 3?

Paola: Oh yeah – Yes you can – a little teaser in there. You'll see Emma standing up for herself. Family and friends always comes first for her. And she gets a little defiant! That'll be interesting to see!

The all-new season begins on January 5 on Nickelodeon!

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