Thursday, September 05, 2013

Nickelodeon France To Debut The Brand New Animated Comedy Series "Rocket Monkeys" On Saturday 7th September 2013

Nickelodeon France has announced the exciting Nickelodeon Europe News in a post on their official Facebook profile page,, that Nick France, the French version of the popular kids channel, will start to premiere and show the brand new Canadian animated comedy series "Rocket Monkeys" on Saturday 7th September 2013 at 9:15am, as part of the networks Autumn/Winter 2013 programming highlights!:
[Exclu] En avant-première, les premières minutes #RocketMonkeys ! Retrouvez le 1er épisode de votre tout nouveau dessin-animé samedi à 9h15 !

[Exclusive] In preview, the first minutes #RocketMonkeys! Find the 1st episode of your all-new cartoon Saturday at 9:15!
http://ow.LY/oyH2W (Translated by Bing)

Lls debarquent sur Terre le
7 septembre a 9h15
seulement sur Nickelodeon

They landed on the Earth
September 7th at 9:15
only on Nickelodeon

(French to English translation provided by Google Translate)
To celebrate the French launch of "Rocket Monkeys", Nickelodeon France has unveiled a exclusive online streaming preview video clip featuring the first few minutes of the very first episode of "Rocket Monkeys", which Nick fans and viewers located in France can view here on!

Nick's new comedy animation Rocket Monkeys follows the adventures of two monkey astronauts and their robot sidekick. When battling rogue black holes, vengeful aliens, criminal masterminds, and rifts in the evil dimension, the universe turns to its bravest and brightest to save the day. When those guys are busy, however, the universe is stuck with the Rocket Monkeys. Inexplicably charged with carrying out all kinds of important missions, brothers Gus (Seán Cullen, Steve Oedekerk) and Wally (Mark Edwards, Hypermonium) cause more intergalactic calamity than they could ever prevent. Luckily, they have plenty of help from YAY-OK (David Berni), their dashing and devoted (if slightly outdated) robot. These monkeys may not have the brainpower of the Rocket Chickens or the guts of the Cosmosloths, but they do have a hunger for adventure. And by "adventure" we mostly mean "bananas". From the icy depths of Brrrr to the horrifying Planet Splishy Splashy, there's nowhere too dangerous or ridiculous for the monkeys to explore... or try not to blow up. Though it's seen better days, the Monkeys’ big orange rust bucket of a ship remains remarkably versatile. It has everything Gus and Wally could ever need, from a lounge to a laboratory to a command center and even a space monkey arm for those hard-to-reach places. Nominally running the show is GASI, the Galactic Animal Space Institute. Always seeking out the next frontier in galactic exploration, GASI boasts several (at times contentious) animal divisions, from Astro Ducks to Rocket Zebras. "Rocket Monkeys" also features a great cast of hilarious characters:

Dr. Chimpsky (Jamie Watson) - GASI's esteemed Doctor of Exposition— errr…, Astrophysics, Dr. Chimpsky assigns the Monkeys their highly important missions (which sometimes include getting him more ice when his drink gets too warm) and does his best to keep them on track when they invariably get distracted.

Inky - Part adorable pet, part crew member, all kinds of messy. Inky may not be able to speak, but he still manages to express himself with his impressive ink work.

Lord Peel (Mark McKinney) - Villains aren’t born, they're made — and Lord Peel is no exception. A once-average suburban alien who just happens to kind of look like a banana (okay—exactly like a banana), poor Lord Peel was driven insane by Gus and Wally’s never-ending attempts to turn him into a banana split. He's since become a vengeance-obsessed baddie with a very specific goal: make the Rocket Monkeys pay.

Nefarious - Exiled by the Council to Stop Super Villains, Nefarious spends his time dreaming up new ways to escape his lonely asteroid prison and get back to his real business—taking over the universe.

Deep Space Dave - TV action hero Deep Space Dave is better at catch phrases than catching bad guys, but that doesn't stop the Rocket Monkeys from worshiping his every slovenly move.

Monkevil (Kayla Lorette) - Don't let her sweet exterior fool you — bank-robbing cutie pie Monkevil is as slick as they come, easily carrying out heist after intergalactic heist. Too bad Gus and Wally are too in love to notice.

The Space Gorilla - Rival rocket crew to the monkeys and the frat boys of the GASI world, He - and She - rilla are everything Gus and Wally aren’t: cool, competent, brave, and more than a little mean. He-Rilla is voiced by Jamie Watson and She-Rilla is voiced by Shoshana Sperling.

Bernice (Mike "Nug" Nahrgang) - Gus and Wally's doting mother. A fun-loving dynamo, Bernice loves to have a good time with her boys, but isn't afraid to play the stern mother card when they need a little discipline.

Gamester X (Mark Little) - Obsessive and excitable, Gamester X will stop at nothing to complete his rare and extensive collections. He’s a terrifying force — that is, until his mom yells at him to clean his room.
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