Monday, August 26, 2013

Nickelodeon Poland To Premiere New Nicktoon "Sanjay and Craig" In September 2013

The Polish television news website is reporting the exciting Nickelodeon Europe News that Nickelodeon Poland (also known as Nickelodeon Polska) has announced that Nick Poland will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon's latest all-new original animated series (Nicktoon) "Sanjay and Craig", locally called "Sanjay i Craig", on Sunday 15th September 2013 at 7.20pm (19:20), as part of Nickelodeon Polska's Autumn/Winter 2013 highlights!

After Nick Poland debuts the first episode of "Sam & Cat", Nick Poland will encore (repeat) the first episode on Saturday 21st September 2013 at 7.20pm (19:20):

Gadający wąż to najlepszy przyjaciel człowieka Sanjay jest 12-letnim chłopcem pochodzenia hinduskiego, Craig natomiast to wąż, który umie mówić. Choć z pozoru nic ich nie łączy, to są najlepszymi przyjaciółmi i od lat tworzą zgrany, zwariowany duet. Tych dwoje rozpiera energia, lecz ich pomysły na zabawę nie zawsze są mądre. Ciągle pakują się w kłopoty lub niezręczne sytuacje. Jednak Sanjay i Craig zawsze umieją wyjść nawet z największych tarapatów, by za chwilę znów znaleźć się w kłopotliwej, ale przezabawnej akcji.

Premiera: 15 września, godzina 19:20

Emisja: niedziela, godzina 19:20, (powtórki: sobota, godzina 19:20)

"Sanjay and Craig" (20 episodes x 30 minutes) follows the adventures of Sanjay, an excitable and irreverent 12-year-old boy (Maulik Pancholy, "30 Rock") and Craig, a smooth-talking snake and master of disguise (Chris Hardwick, "Nerdist", "The Talking Dead"). Together, they embark on epic kid-inspired quests that are at times totally ridiculous, absolutely gross and weirdly sweet. From perfecting the ultimate bike skid, tightroping across a pool of garbage on a dare or Craig manipulating a contest to win his best buddy one hundred dogs, their routine hijinks often cross into the land of the fantastical and the absurd. Only Sanjay and his closest friends can hear Craig's warped words of wisdom. The only thing that stands in their way is their unhinged, snake-phobic neighbor, Mr. Noodman (Tony Hale, "Veep", "Arrested Development"), who's always on the verge of figuring out that Craig can talk.

"Sanjay & Craig" is a brand-new, creator-driven animated series that blends a comedic and stylistic sensibility with a distinctive mix of unusual, wonderful and random humor. The series features the additional voice talents of Linda Cardellini ("Mad Men", "Freaks and Geeks") as Megan; Matt Jones ("Breaking Bad") as Hector; Kunal Nayyar ("The Big Bang Theory") as Vijay; Grey DeLisle ("The Fairly OddParents") as Darlene and Sandy Dickson; and "Remington Tufflips" as himself.

Sanjay and Craig is created and co-executive produced by first-generation Nickelodeon viewers Jim Dirschberger, Jay Howell and Andreas Trolf, who were influenced by the cartoons from their childhoods to create content for today’s post-millennial kids. These first-time creators were paired with award-winning writers and producers Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi (The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Alvin and the Chipmunks) to develop this original animated series.
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