Monday, June 17, 2013

TeenNick USA Unveils More New Photographs From The New "House of Anubis" TV Movie, "Touchstone of Ra"

To celebrate and promote TeenNick premiering and showing the brand new "House of Anubis" movie "The Touchstone of Ra" on TONIGHT (Monday 17th June 2013) at 9.00pm ET / 8:00pm C / 6.00pm PT, Nickelodeon USA's teens and young adults network has unveiled a few more all-new exclusive sneak peek photographs from the all-new HoA special on TeenNick's official blog on the channels official website,, which you can view below here on NickALive!:

As Prom Rules week kicks off, the House of Anubis gang prepare for graduation and the seniors' dance. Think it'll go smoothly? (Of course not.)

From these sneak peek pictures, I'm guessing something unexpected happens at the Anubis graduation party. Nobody likes being interrupted mid-cupcake, so this could get messy.
Patricia and K.T.'s new friend doesn't look very happy about venturing into the darkness.
Why are Fabian, Mara, and Alfie freaking out?
And what exactly is Victor holding? Could it be... the Touchstone of Ra?!!?

Tune in TONIGHT at 9pm et / 6pm pt for the premiere of House of Anubis: Touchstone of Ra to see if Sibuna make it to graduation.

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