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Nickelodeon USA To Premiere Brand New Comedy Sketch Show "AwesomenessTV" On Monday 1st July 2013

The entertainment industry news website Variety is reporting the exciting Breaking Nickelodeon News in the following article that Nick USA will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon and DreamWorks Animation's brand new series "AwesomenessTV", based on the popular YouTube channel, from Monday 1st July 2013 at 8:00pm (ET/PT), as part of July on Nickelodeon USA 2013!

"AwesomenessTV", hosted by Daniella Monet, who played 'Trina Vega' in Nickelodeon's hit comedy series "Victorious", is a brand new rapid-fire sketch comedy show that will blend new and existing AwesomenessTV content. Segments will include character sketches, celebrity satires and parody music videos.

In a separate article from Video Ink, also below, the ATV Network is encouraging its networkers to submit a sketch comedy video of any kind, after which it will select one to air as part of the series! The article also features AwesomenessTV's submissions request promo/trailer starring Nickelodeon Star Daniella Monet!

Nickelodeon announced their partnership with "AwesomenessTV" for a brand new television show at the networks Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 event in February 2013.

From Variety:
Nick to Transplant AwesomenessTV Clips from YouTube to Cable With July 1 Series Debut

Cabler ordered 13 episodes of comedy show from short-form content producer, now owned by DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV will cross over from YouTube to cable TV on July 1, when kid’s cabler Nickelodeon will premiere half-hour comedy show woven from existing Internet clips and new material.

The show, simply titled “AwesomenessTV,” bows Monday, July 1, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. Viacom net has ordered 13 episodes of the skein.

Nick describes show as a “rapid-fire sketch comedy series” that will blend new and existing AwesomenessTV content. Skein is hosted by Daniella Monet (of Nick’s “Victorious”) with segments that include character sketches, celebrity satires and parody music videos.

Nick was among first TV nets to mine YouTube content, cutting pact with Lucas Cruikshank (“Fred”) for multiple projects. Other YouTube stars that have made boob-tube leap include Annoying Orange, which has Cartoon Network show, and Ray William Johnson, which has script deal with FX.

For AwesomenessTV, YouTube will continue to be the “first window” of distribution, with TV deals like the one with Nick and feature films serving as secondary windows, according to CEO Brian Robbins. AwesomenessTV has garnered more than 1 billion views on YouTube since launching in May 2012.

“The long-term goal is to build audience and own eyeballs over time,” he said. On YouTube, “it might take a little time for ad revenue to catch up. But an eyeball is an eyeball is an eyeball — no matter where it is, on TV or online.”

DreamWorks Animation acquired AwesomenessTV last month for $33 million but pact could be worth as much as $117 million if AwesomenessTV hits certain performance targets.

By 2015, DWA expects to generate about $200 million in "steady state" revenue from TV biz unit but that forecast doesn’t include upside from AwesomenessTV distrib deals, topper Jeffrey Katzenberg told investors last week.
Also, from Video Ink:
AwesomenessTV Gives MCN Members Chance to Be on TV

During Nickelodeon’s upfront presentation to advertisers in February, the kids network announced a deal with AwesomenessTV for a half-hour sketch comedy TV show that would feature a mix of new and existing content from the YouTube channel.

This deal came before DreamWorks Animation’s acquisition of AwesomenessTV, which was announced on the day of the YouTube “Brandcast” event during this year’s Digital Content NewFronts.

This deal also came before AwesomenessTV’s decision to expand from a singular kids/teen-centric YouTube channel to a full-fledged multi-channel network.

Now, Nick has announced that its planned show with AwesomenessTV will debut on the network on July 1, and air weekly on Monday nights for a total of 13 episodes. Hosted by Daniella Monet of the Nick show “Victorious,” the weekly “AwesomenessTV” show will feature a variety of comedy sketches.

The series, we’ve been told, will also feature a video from AwesomenessTV’s growing network of YouTube stars, on top of all the planned new and existing video sketches. The ATV Network is encouraging its networkers to submit a sketch comedy video of any kind, after which it will select one to air as part of the series.

UPDATE: Check out the video below for the contest announcement and instructions for ATV-based creators to submit their videos.

Also, from C21Media:

Nick adds AwesomenessTV show

Nickelodeon in the US has greenlit a live-action series in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation-owned YouTube youth brand AwesomenessTV.

The 30-minute series begins July 1 and will feature comedy clips mined from the 55,000+ channels that AwesomenessTV operates on the video-sharing website, including sketches, pranks and parodies.

AwesomenessTV has subsequently called upon its many viewers and content creators to produce their own videos and submit them online for a chance to appear on the TV series.

DreamWorks Animation in the US acquired AwesomenessTV, one of YouTube’s most subscribed-to teen channels for US$33m last month.

Last week the company struck a deal with Netflix to give the US video streamer exclusivity on over 300 hours of original series based on some of the studio’s biggest movie franchises.

One of Nickelodeon’s first web-to-TV activities was bringing YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank to the living room with the series Fred, and later casting him in the comedy show Marvin Marvin.

Meanwhile, in related web-to-TV news, Alloy Digital in the US look poised to bring YouTube’s most-subscribed channel, Smosh, to television.

Nico Franks
Also, from Kidscreen's iKids:
Nickelodeon brings AwesomenessTV to the small screen

After citing plans in its upfront presentation to co-develop content with AwesomenessTV, Nickelodeon has now officially greenlit a 13-episode comedy from the DreamWorks Animation-owned youth online channel.

The new half-hour sketch comedy will premiere on the kidsnet on July 1 and will feature a mix of new and existing YouTube content from AwesomenessTV, which was purchased by DreamWorks last month for a price tag of $US33 million.

The move to cable is becoming an increasingly popular one in the online video space. Last year, Nickelodeon greenlit two live-action series starring Internet star Lucas Cruikshank (Fred: The Show and Marvin Marvin). YouTube sensation Annoying Orange also found a second home on Cartoon Network last year.

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