Saturday, June 22, 2013

"House of Anubis" Star Brad Kavanagh Hosts Live Twitcam Chat

Nickelodeon Star Brad Kavanagh, who plays the character Fabian Rutter in Nickelodeon's hit mystery drama series "House of Anubis", has announced in a series of Tweets (posts) on his official Twitter profile page (@BradKavanagh) that he will be doing a live TwitCam session, where he'll be talking live to his fans via a streaming video, which you can watch below, NOW (Saturday 22nd June 2013) at 9:00pm BST (GMT+1)!!

Brad Kavanagh has also just announced the Nickelodeon News in his twitcam interview that no-one knows yet if Nickelodeon will make a fourth season of House of Anubis (House of Anubis Season 4).