Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday To Nickelodeon Stars Ariana Grande And Jennette McCurdy!; Nickelodeon Italy To Premiere "Sam & Cat" During Autumn 2013

To celebrate Nickelodeon Stars' Ariana Grande ("Victorious") and Jennette McCurdy's ("iCarly") birthdays today (Wednesday 26th June 2013), Nickelodeon Italy (also known as Nickelodeon Italia) has announced in a post on their official Nickelodeon Magazine (Nick Magazine) blog the exciting Nickelodeon Europe news that Nick Italy is planning to start to premiere and show the all-new Nick original comedy series "Sam & Cat" during Autumn (Fall) 2013!:
Compiono gli anni lo stesso giorno e presto saranno co-protagoniste della stessa serie: quest’autunno su Nickelodeon debutta Sam & Cat! Sei curioso di sapere cosa può succedere quando l’irriverente Sam e la dolce Cat vanno a vivere insieme? Dovrai aspettare solo pochi mesi.

Celebrating their birthdays on the same day and will soon be co-stars of the same series: Nickelodeon debuts this fall on Sam & Cat! Are you curious to know what can happen when the irreverent Sam and Cat sweet move in together? You'll have to wait just a few months.

[Italian to English translation provided by Google Translate]
To further celebrate Jennette turning 21 and Ariana turning 20 today, Nickelodeon Italy has unveiled a exclusive photograph (foto) gallery featuring photos of how the Nick celebrities looked as kids growing up, which you can view here on!

Happy Birthday, Ariana and Jennette!! Hope you both have a AWESLIME day!!