Saturday, January 09, 2021

Nickelodeon Unpacks Details About 'Ollie’s Pack' Season 1 Finale, 'Back To the Pack'

Details have been revealed about the upcoming season finale of Nickelodeon's popular animated series, Ollie’s Pack, which combines the struggles of tween life with the responsibility of controlling an entire dimension of monsters!

Titled "Back To the Pack", the season one finale of Ollie’s Pack will be a two-part special - and it sounds like it's going to be epic!

Ollie’s Pack follows Ollie and his backpack, which doubles as a powerful portal allowing an array of monsters to travel from the Monsterverse into Ollie’s world on Earth. Throughout the series, Ollie and his two best friends must protect the earth from the horrifying monsters that have escaped, while often utilizing the helpful monsters who assist with their everyday tween problems, like sneaking into a movie or winning their school’s Battle of the Bands contest. No matter the circumstances, Ollie’s thirst for adventure undoubtedly gets him into trouble that only he and his friends can resolve. The 26-episode series is produced by Nelvana.

In "Back To the Pack Part 1", when Ollie tries to find out something about his father, he accidentally breaks his backpack, which opens a portal. Then, in "Back To the Pack Part 2", Ollie and his friends must travel to the monster world to save the multiverse! (#126)

"Back To the Pack" is set to premiere on Nicktoons Global, Nickelodeon's pan-regional Nicktoons channel available in Central Eastern Europe, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and more, on Friday 22nd January 2021. The episode synopsis above comes from Nicktoons Germany. A U.S. airdate has yet to be announced, but it shouldn't be too long!

Ollie’s Pack stars the voices of James Hartnett (Cupcake & Dino) as Ollie, an ordinary, impulsive, and creative kid who has been given the status of Chosen One and Keeper of the Pack; Ana Sani (Mysticons) as Cleo, the brave and adventurous comic relief; and David Berni (Rocket Monkeys) as Bernie, the nervy and logical voice of reason.

It's currently unknown whether Ollie’s Pack will receive a season two.

Originally published: Saturday, January 09, 2021.

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