Thursday, February 13, 2020

Episode 25 - Chip Off The Old Rock | My Dad The Rock Star | KEEP IT WEIRD

Episode 25 | My Dad The Rock Star | KEEP IT WEIRD


When Grandpa and Grandma Zilla show up for a surprise visit, Rock is less than thrilled about spending the next couple of days with his father. The complete opposite of Rock, Grandpa Zilla is all formality and class, he feels Rock should be the same. With the help of Willy, Rock sets out to make his father proud with hilariously disastrous results.

Serenity, meanwhile, risking what she thinks will be “social suicide”, agrees to take Grandma Zilla out to the mall for a new shawl. Much to her surprise, Gran proceeds to take Serenity on a wild adventure that includes pink hair, tattoos, motorcycle races, and a bonfire with bikers. Realizing her assumption of what little old ladies are like may not hold true for all of them, Serenity finally must enlist the help of Crystal to subdue her wild granny, and bring them both home.

After a terrible evening out on the town embarrassing himself and his father, Rock abandons all hope of ever making his Dad proud. But when Grampa Zilla stumbles into a musical moment in Rock’s life, he realizes there is a tie uniting these opposing personalities. Grandpa Zilla understands that Rock is his own person and that he has a lot to offer, just the way he is.

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