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Kel Mitchell on Teaching Amanda Bynes Comedy Tricks and If She'll Make an 'All That' Reboot Cameo

Kel Mitchell on Teaching Amanda Bynes Comedy Tricks and If She'll Make an 'All That' Reboot Cameo

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Kel Mitchell is looking back at his time on the beloved Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That, and opening up about what he taught co-star Amanda Bynes.

Mitchell talked with ET Live on the site of the hotly anticipated Good Burger pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles, and he reflected on his happy memories of sharing the screen with Bynes.

"I love Amanda, she's like [my] little sister. She's so fearless," Mitchell, 40, shared about his former co-star, who recently graduated from fashion design school. "I remember her being on set, she told me, 'Hey Kel, I wanna do the physical comedy that you do.' So I used to show her little tricks to do that would make her comedy just awesome."

"She did everything so great, so awesome, she was super fearless," he added.

While Bynes dealt with a rocky few years, she's rededicated herself to her health, fashion school and returning to acting, which Mitchell said seems like a great fit for the 33-year-old actress.

"She always had style, so going to fashion school was definitely what was up," he said, beaming.

As for the possibility of welcoming Bynes on for a cameo appearance on the long-awaited upcoming All That reboot, Mitchell was wildly excited about the idea.

"That would be crazy! We really want her to do a cameo in All That. We've been talking about that," Mitchell explained. "So, Amanda, come on, girl! Call ya brother up!"

Kel Mitchell poses at Nickelodeon's Good Burger pop-up diner on July 8, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Kenan Thompson, who also starred on the original All That alongside Kel and Amanda, has also expressed interest in Amanda making a cameo on the revived All That series, which he is executive producing with Kel.

To launch the revived series, original All That cast members Kel, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server have been making cameos in episodes, reviving iconic characters such as "Ed" the Good Burger guy and the Loud Librarian.

The Good Burger pop-up restaurant, located on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, opens its doors on July 10. Visit https://www.goodburgerpopup.com for more information and to book your tickets!

Catch brand-new episodes of All That, Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT), only on Nickelodeon!


From Hollywood Life:

Kel Mitchell Reveals If Amanda Bynes Will Appear On ‘All That’ Reboot — ‘We’re Talking To Her’

With the ‘All That’ reboot in full swing, will fans see Amanda Bynes return to the show that launched her career? ‘Good Burger’ star Kel Mitchell tells us EXCLUSIVELY on how they’re trying to make that happen.

All That is back! The beloved Nickelodeon 90’s sketch comedy show that helped Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell become household names returned in June 2019 with a brand new cast. However, some familiar faces – like Josh Server and Lori Beth Denberg — have popped up to give fans of the original series a treat. So, will Amanda Bynes, who got her start on the original All That before getting her own spin-off, make a special cameo on the new show?

Kel Mitchell — who is an executive producer on the reboot, along with Kenan Thompson — talked EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the possibility of Amanda’s return while launching The Good Burger Pop Up Restaurant in West Hollywood, California. The co-owner of the hottest burger joint also dished on how the original All That cast stays in contact and the possibility about a Good Burger reboot.

HollywoodLife: How nostalgic is this for you?

Kel Mitchell: It’s been awesome. This is really surreal.

Talk to me about what it’s been like now that all that the reboot is back as well?

To executive produce that — To be producing it with my cast mate that became my brother? It’s just been awesome. We’re having a blast and giving advice to new kids, and the kids are so funny. All seven of them.

Do you and Kenan ever talk about doing just a Good Burger reboot? I’m sure you get asked all the time.

Yes. We have been talking about it. We’re talking about GB too. Just know that we’re ready. We’re ready, but some other people, they a little higher up. They gotta make it happen. But yes, we’re down. We’re totally down for making it happen.

Do you think we’re getting closer to it finally happening?

We are getting very close. The story has to be good. We’ve had a few ideas that we chopped around to make it happen. We’re excited. But until then you could come to The Good Burger Pop Up.

Will we see him here too, or have you guys talked about doing something here together?

Yes. We have talked about it. He is in New York, so he’s like boom. But he will be here because we’ll be here for six months so he’ll be here.

I can’t wait. Have you guys all kept in touch over the… All of you All Thaters?

[Angelique Bates] goes to my church. Lori Beth [Danberg] and Josh [Server]; we have been wanting to do all that; playing around, guest starring a little bit. You know we’ve seen them all, and we all stay in contact on Instagram. So staying in contract with Lisa [Foiles]. Katrina [Johnson], everybody. Yeah. That’s just a whole new cast. Yeah.

Any chance at all we… I mean Amanda Bynes to make an appearance or have you heard from her, Nick Cannon?.

Yes. Amanda just graduated from fashion school, so I’m super excited about that. That’s like my little sister, so I’m excited about that. We would love for her to come on all that; Nick Cannon as well. I talked to Nick yesterday, so we’re excited about that. That’s my boy.

Do you think they both will come on at some point?

Of course.

So exciting. So you guys all keep in touch?

Everybody keeps in touch. Yeah.

So is there a group text? Do you guys get together once a month?

Instagram. We talk through Instagram. We talk through social media. That’s how we all get together.

So this would really be like Amanda’s come back into the industry a little bit for a while. Have you thought about that?

I don’t know if I’ve thought about that, but I think it’d be great. For Amanda to do that. That’d be fun. I mean she’s definitely in fashion school right now, so we’re excited about that. So we’ll just give positive vibes to that.

So she will, or she won’t be? Are you guys figuring out if she would come back?

We’re talking to her. Yeah.

Are you still planning on starting your own Orange Soda Line, and do you still love it?

Yes. I do. I do, but I drink a lot healthier now, so we’re definitely trying to get like an electrolyte or some type of pre-workout. Yeah.

Favorite All That skit over the years?

Of course, “Good Burger.” Since we’re right here, in the Good Burger pop up. I opened up my own restaurant, man.

Do people still come up to you on the street and say, like what-

They do. They come up. They say, “Welcome to Good Burger.” at red lights, all over the place. Yeah.

All That airs weekly on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon.


From Hollywood Life:

Kel Mitchell On Why Drake Bell Slammed ‘All That’ Reboot — ‘He Was Wrong’

Kel Mitchell talked EXCLUSIVELY to HL about a series of things at the new Good Burger pop up restaurant in West Hollywood, CA, including fellow Nickelodeon star Drake Bell’s negative comments about the ‘All That’ reboot, and he admitted he doesn’t agree with his opinion.

Kel Mitchell, 40, is going back to his Good Burger sketch roots with the new Good Burger pop up restaurant, and during the opening of the location in West Hollywood, CA, he talked about the famous old school All That segment along with his thoughts on fellow Nickelodeon actor Drake Bell‘s recent diss about the show’s reboot. 33-year-old Drake recently made headlines for responding to pics and videos of the new cast of the reboot, which debuted on June 15, and making harsh mocking comments. “This is LITERALLY THE WORST THING I’VE SEEN IN a loooong time!!!” he wrote on Instagram over a photo of the new cast members, whose ages range from 12-15. He also compared them with a pic of the original cast, including Kel, and wrote “Not EVEN CLOSE.”

Although the judgments from Drake, who starred on the All That spinoff, The Amanda Show, made some fans upset, Kel admitted he’s not letting it bother him because he doesn’t agree. “I don’t care. I don’t know. You know what? He’s not really a good fan of All That, you know what I mean?” Kel EXCLUSIVELY told us at the pop up restaurant. “And so, hey, show’s awesome. The ratings prove it that we’re awesome, so he was wrong. You’re wrong Drake Bell.”

Kel has a point. The reboot got a lot of attention when it aired on Nickelodeon and included support and cameo appearances by many of the original cast members, including Lori Beth Denberg, who was known for her popular skit Vital Information, Josh Server, who acted alongside Kel as “Ear Boy” opposite his “Pizza Face”, and of course, Kel himself, who was known for various memorable skits, including Good Burger and Coach Kreeton. The new cast members EXCLUSIVELY told us last month that although it’s reboot with new people, it still follows the premise of the original.

“I feel that the new reboot still stays true to the original, but it’s more modernized with new kids and it still brings back some of the old sketches and the original cast,” new cast member Lex Lumpkin said. “It’s the same old All That with a brand-new cast,” co-star Nathan Janak agreed. “It’s classic sketches, the same type of comedy, with an all-new cast and maybe some even old cast members, too.”

The Good Burger pop up restaurant, which is inspired by the All That sketch, opened on July 10 in Los Angeles, CA and will remain open until the end of 2019.


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Originally published: Tuesday, July 09, 2019.
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