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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Deep Well Records Releases 'KALLY's Mashup: La Música, Vol. 2 (Banda Sonora Original de la Serie de TV)', New Album Featuring Music from Nickelodeon Latin America's Hit Series, 'Kally's MashUp'

Deep Well Records, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC, has released KALLY's Mashup: La Música, Vol. 2 (Banda Sonora Original de la Serie de TV), the latest album featuring 14 songs from the second season of Nickelodeon Latin America's (Latinoamérica) hit daily drama series, Kally's MashUp! The album is available to purchase digitally and as a physical album.

KALLY's Mashup: La Música, Vol. 2 features 14 original songs from the second season of the series written by Adam Anders, executive producer of Glee and Kally's MashUp, along with his wife Nikki Anders and his longtime collaborator, Peer Astrom. Each song is in English.

Created by Adam Anders and Anthony Falcon, Kally's MashUp is a family comedy inspired by the real life and musical trajectory of Adam Anders. The story follows the adventures of Kally, a 13-year-old music prodigy who tries to balance her life as a piano virtuoso with that of a regular teenager, after moving from a small town to the most prominent music university in the country, the Allegro Conservatory of Music. There, in an adult world and in a big city, Kally feels like a "fish out of water." She must make new friends, understand the strict rules of the Conservatory and learn to live with her father. Although everyone thinks she was born to be a classical piano player, her true dream and passion is to be a pop star. Viewers accompany Kally in the search for her true voice and witness the revelation of her talent to the world.

The music series features original songs and unique music composed by Anders, his wife, Nikki Anders, and his longtime collaborator, Peer Astrom. Anders also oversees all the music featured in the series. Kally's MashUp is co-produced by Nick LatAm, Anders Media and 360 Powwow, with Anders and Powwow CEO Daniel Gutman executive producing, and airs regularly on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica, Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil) as well as the Telefe network.

The series stars a very talented cast from Argentina and Mexico, headed by Argentinian Maia Reficco as Kally, Mexican Alex Hoyer as Dante, Sarah Cobo as Gloria, Mariano Chiesa, Betina O’Connell, Marita Ballesteros, Emiliano Dionisi, Josefina Scaglione, Sebastián Holz, Francisco Donovan, Daniel Campomenosi, Sarai Meza, Jackie Castañeda, Fer Serrano, Tomás Carullo, Tupac Larriera, Daniela Flombaum, José G. Zapiola, Lalo Brito, Milagros Masini, Celeste Sanazi, Camila Mateos, Cintia Torres Garcia, Facundo Giordano, Julieta Perez Cieri, Juan Martin Delgado, Carla Guidobono, Maximiliano Morales, Lucas Noacco, Florencia Ortega, Mario Juangorena and Sofia Miramon. Season two features the show's original cast, as well as some new cast members, including: Ana Julia Anglielio as Cindy, Zhongbo Li as Marco, Josefina Willa as Laia, Germán Tripel as Ruppert, Leonardo Trento as Serafin, Javier Gómez as Watemberg, Melisa Garat, and Ignacio Francavilla.

Kally's MashUp (120 60-minute episodes) debuted on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica in October 2017 and has since been seen by more than 16 million viewers across the Latin American region, achieving the No. 1 position in Mexico among girls aged 7 to 14 years, and becoming one of Nick Play's most watched shows since the app launched in Latin America. The Kally's MashUp season one finale aired on Friday 4th May 2018 on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica. Kally's MashUp season two premiered on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica in February 2019.

In addition to the series, the music videos featured in the show and the contestants of Nickelodeon's "Mashup Star" contest have also been extremely popular with fans. "Mashup Star" attracted more than 4,000 participants throughout the region, and had a total of 5.5 million votes throughout its three phases, which included 1.2 million votes for the winner of the video, who got participate in the second season of Kally's MashUp.

A new line of consumer products inspired by the popular series was released in May 2018. "Kally's MashUp: La música: banda sonora original de la serie de TV", a album featuring 18 songs from the hit TV show, was released on Friday 9th March 2018 by Deep Well Records, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC. The album can be downloaded now at

From Billboard Argentina:

Ya está disponible el álbum de la segunda temporada de Kally’s Mashup

Ahora podés escuchar Kally’s Mashup Vol.2 en formato físico y en plataformas digitales.

La serie juvenil de Nickelodeon Latinoamérica, Kally’s Mashup, lanzó su segunda temporada y la música original que acompaña cada capítulo. Kally’s Mashup Vol.2 contiene 14 canciones escritas por Adam Anders, productor ejecutivo de Glee y de la serie actual, junto con su esposa Nikki Anders y su colaborador musical Peer Åström.

La segunda temporada cuenta con su elenco original, encabezado por la actriz argentina Maia Reficco y el mexicano Alex Hoyer, así como algunas nuevas incorporaciones incluyendo a Ana Julia Angilello, Zhongbo Li Zhang, Josefina Willa, Germán Tripel, Leonardo Trento, Melisa Garat, Javier Gómez e Ignacio Francavilla.


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