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All The Things You Didn’t Know About All That | #AllThatTuesday

All The Things You Didn’t Know About All That | #AllThatTuesday

What was Kenan Thompson in before All That? Where was Amanda Bynes discovered doing standup? Kel Mitchell’s iconic Good Burger character Ed was a mix of Keanu Reeves and what else? What do the Jurassic 5 and TLC have in common? Find out all these answers and more in this epic list of little known facts! Catch more All That on Nickelodeon! Don’t miss all new All That coming this summer! See the following link for more info!: http://po.st/AllThatRevival

Vital All That Information:

- A musician named Soup performed the role of the Narrator on All That! He's also the member of the group Jurassic Five.

- Popular '90s group TLC performed the iconic All That theme song.

- Both Kel Mitchell and Josh Server were born in Chicago.

- Kel Mitchell once described his Ed the Good Burger Guy character as a cross between a professional wrestler and Keanu Reeves.

- At his audition for All That, Kel forgot the monologue he had prepared, but won the casting folks over with his improv skills.

- Kenan Thompson got his start acting in theater at the age of 5. It was a play about the Gingerbread Man! Kenan also starred in the movies Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights before making his mark on All That.

- Amanda Bynes was discovered by the All That producers while doing stand up at The Laugh Factory in L.A. It's unknown how the Dancing Lobsters were discovered for The Amanda Show.

- Danny Tamberelli plays base in real life. Before All That, Danny was Little Pete on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and he has also appeared on Space Cases and Figure it Out.

- The iconic blue stripped Good Burger uniforms were originally orange!

- Coach Kreeton, Miss Fingerly, Principal Pimpell and Miss Piddlin all worked at the same fictional school, Dulmont Junior High School.

- Kel has played three different Superdude villains, including Yo-Gurl, Butter Boy and Cow Boy. He played them dairy well!

- Both "Cooking with Randy and Mandy" and "Whateverrr" aired on the same fictional channel, 106B.

- Josh Server also appeared on Drake & Josh, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and The Amanda Show! Josh is also the longest running cast member with six seasons (including Pilot).

- Cast members Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101) and Josh Server battled it out on Double Dare.

- Kenan & Kel also took on the legendary Double Dare Obstacle Course.

- Kenan will be executive producing the new All That!

What fact did you find the most surprising? 🌞

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