Sunday, August 12, 2018

NickTube: Planet Nickelodeon Video Round-Up | Sunday 12th August 2018

Check out a selection of video clips featuring your favourite Nickelodeon shows and stars from Nickelodeon channels around the world!

Please note that some videos may be subject to geographical restrictions.

Kenan Can't Forget About Brianna | Kenan & Kel | NickSplat

Kel ruins Brianna's sweater, also ruining Kenan's chances at ever going out with her again.



I Am Frankie | Suspended | Nickelodeon UK

The Loud House | Competitive Lynn | Nickelodeon UK

Game night at The Loud House should be fun, but Lynn's competitive nature makes the whole thing a very stressful experience.

Bob l'éponge | Une affaire pas très clarinette | Nickelodeon France

Quelqu'un a volé la clarinette de Carlo. Celui-ci mène l'enquête avec Bob...

Dora and Friends | Dora in Clock Land | Nick Jr. UK

A benefit concert at the zoo becomes a magical journey into Clock Land for Dora, Emma and Pablo!

Horrid Henry - Angry Peter | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

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Henry Danger | Angeschwärzt 🍬| Nickelodeon Deutschland

Jasper wird beschuldigt, Süßigkeiten gestohlen zu haben. War er es wirklich?

Les Thunderman | Max chante à Dr Colosso | Nickelodeon France

Dr Colosso fait semblant d'être malade pour que Max chante pour lui.

Paw Patrol | Pups Save Alex's Mini Patrol | Nick Jr. UK

Impressed by the Paw Patrol's rescues, Alex sets up his own mini-Patrol and recruits Chickaletta, Cali, Turtle, and Bunny!

כל השירים ברצף! 🎵 | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

Los Thunderman | Max Canta a el Doctor Colosso 🎸 | España | Nickelodeon en Español

El Dr. Colosso simula estar enfermo para que Max cante para él.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | Novo Café | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Todos têm ideias para o novo café, mas Tom e Anne já têm planos, com um tema de patinagem no gelo.


It's a showdown of taste buds between Mcdonalds, Burger King and mah personal favorite WENDY'S dessert. I push Gabbie past her breaking point and have no regrets.



VIVIAN HICKS 🎸🎸🎸| In The Zone | YTV

Vivian Hicks stopped by The Zone today! She chats with Suki about new music and more!

Watch now!

I Thunderman | Detenzione per Max e Colosso | Nickelodeon Italia

Nonno Thunderman spedisce in detenzione Max e Colosso. Phoebe riuscirà a salvarli?

🔴 JETZT LIVE: Die Thundermans | Heldenfiguren... 🤔 | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Wer ist dein Favorit?

🔴 IN ONDA ORA: Tartarughe Ninja | Primi combattimenti | Nickelodeon Italia

Le Tartarughe sono all'inizio del loro percorso, affrontano i loro primi combattimenti e imparano ogni volta una lezione.

🔴 Harvey Beaks | Wanhopige tijden | Nickelodeon Nederlands

🔴 Em Direto | Breadwinners | Vai! | Nickelodeon em Português

🔴 EN DIRECTO: Breadwinners | ¡Adelante! | Nickelodeon en Español


Ge-Zone-Heit!!! The Zone hosts are sneezed across Canada, only to find out that they're up the creek...without a paddle? This week they are sneezed to Golden, BC and with the help of local Z-head , Zoe, they go on a wild (rafting) ride - before returning back to The Zone.

TMNT: Las Tortugas Ninja | No podemos entrenar hoy | Latinoamérica | Nickelodeon en Español

Tras una larga noche de aventuras en la superficie, las Tortugas no pueden entrenar.



Regal Academy | Season 2 - Into the Blue [KARAOKE]

From the second Season of Regal Academy, sing and dance to the rhythm of the fairy-tale song "Into the Blue"!

Alvinnn!!! Et les Chipmunks | Cave Alvin | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

Alvin est obligé de faire chambre à part à cause de ses chaussettes sales...

Willkommen bei den Louds | Familienfoto | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Zum Hochzeitstag seiner Eltern will sich Lincoln eine ganz besondere Überraschung einfallen lassen.

Harvey Beaks | Fee é um Fantasma | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Fee é transformado num fantasma, mas continuará ela assim?

Frankie 2.0 | Coeur-circuit | Nickelodeon Teen France

Frankie ressent des émotions pour Cole. Ce qui provoque des anomalies dans son système...

Horrid Henry - Movie Night | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

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Kally’ s Mashup - Live en @mundonick (KCA)



Mes parrains sont magiques | Je veux un nouvel animal de compagnie | Nickelodeon France

Timmie va dans une animalerie féerique pour acheter un nouvel animal de compagnie

Команда рыцарей | За кулисами шоу с Лилимар | Nickelodeon Россия

Лилимар приглашает тебя на съёмочную площадку шоу ""Команда рыцарей"". Посмотри, как снимается твоё любимый сериал!

Thomas and Nia Busy Racing Backwards | Thomas & Friends | Videos for Kids | UK

Bust my buffers! Thomas and Nia are on a big adventure all around the world! After finishing a job in London, Thomas and Nia decide to have fun and race backwards! But, who will they meet on the rails?

Thomas and Nia Busy Racing Backwards is an all-new standalone adventure from the Thomas Creator Collective! Tune in next Friday, to see the Thomas Creator Collective puff to Paris with the all-new TCC Big World Big Adventures standalone Car Crashes and Cheese Caves!

The Thomas Creator Collective has new episodes every Friday with Thomas the Tank Engine, Nia, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Nia, Ace and more! Keep watching for a whole world of big adventures!

What country would you like the Thomas Creator Collective to visit next and why?

A casa dei Loud | Lisa lascia casa | Nickelodeon Italia

Lisa è ospite di un laboratorio scientifico: il sogno di ogni bambina di 4 anni!

iCarly | Fish Feeder | Nickelodeon UK

Spencer doesn't have the best track record of keeping fish alive, so he creates a fish feeding contraption.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | ¿Cómo ocultar un Famoso? 🌟🐶 | España | Nickelodeon en Español

¡Los rumores han comenzado a difundirse en toda la escuela sobre la existencia de un famoso quedandose a su casa!

HEAR FROM A HERO: MATTHEW! | Massive Monster Mayhem

What Does it Take To Be A Hero? Check out the new VLOG "Hear From a Hero" with Matthew!

Nina Schotpoort LOOPT WEG bij spelshow 😮 | Vragen Vuren | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Nina Schotpoort doet mee aan de allereerste aflevering van de nieuwe spelshow Vragen Vuren Aan... Lees mee met haar laatste WhatsApp bericht en kijk hoeveel punten ze scoort!

Unboxing TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS | Butch Hartman

Nella The Princess Knight | Nella Vs. The Wicked Wizard | Nick Jr. UK

Nella and Trinket must save their friends and family from the wicked wizard, as well as get back all the fancy things that he stole from Castlehaven.

The Adventures of Kid Danger | Japanese Toilet | Nickelodeon UK

Henry is held captive, and Ray tries to chase after him with the help of a toilet-mobile.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Splinter der Weise | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Splinter hat immer einen weisen Spruch parat!

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | Comment cacher une célébrité 🌟🐶 | Nickelodeon Teen France

Les rumeurs ont commencé à s'étendre à travers l'école: il y aurait une star qui resterait dans leur maison!

Huize Herrie | Nieuwe buur voor een nacht | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Lynn heeft ruzie gemaakt met Lucy en moet nu in een andere kamer slapen.

Hunter Street | Cookie Necklace | Nickelodeon UK

The Hunters make their new sibling a cookie necklace so that they can borrow her locket.

Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn | Guerra all'ultimo like | Nickelodeon Italia

Ricky contro il misterioso Boco!

De Thundermans | In de gevangenis | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Max wordt gevraagd een goede invloed te zijn op drie gevangenen, maar door deze aanpak belanden hij en Phoebe zelf in de cel!

Escuela de Rock | Momentos embarazosos de Summer | España | Nickelodeon en Español

¿Qué puede salir mal en la venta de cupcackes?

Thundermans | Trancados na Prisão | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Pedem a Max que seja uma boa influência para três reclusos, mas a sua abordagem faz com que ele e Phoebe fiquem fechados numa cela!

Horrid Henry - The Band | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

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Nick 2 HD Latin America Continuity August 2018

Nick 2 LA Agosto 2018

Bunsen É Uma Fera | Caça feras | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Bunsen e Mikey se juntam em mais uma missão!


Today I babysit probably the craziest kid ever.... MINI JAKE PAUL!!

Nickelodeon HD Latin America Continuity August 2018

Nick HD Colombia Agosto 2018

L'Apprentie Maman | Décollages unis | Nickelodeon Teen France

Les enfants ont décidé de voler de leurs propres ailes et de partir de la maison...

Toby Working Hard | Thomas & Friends | Videos for Kids | UK

Toby gets workers to Quarry. Then he helps James to rescue other engines. After that, Toby gets a special from the Fat Controller.

Horrid Henry - Water Fight | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

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Get Blake | Caça por Papaia | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Agora só a vitamina Y pode salvar o Mitch e a papaia é a única fruta na Terra que a tem.

Bob Esponja | Calamardo aprende Karate | Español | Nickelodeon en Español

¡Calamardo quiere aprender karate para vengarse!

Henry Danger | Henry acquisisce un superpotere! | Nickelodeon Italia

Henry si sottopone a un esperimento per acquisire riflessi velocissimi nel combattimento contro Drex.

Миссия "Блэйк" | Новый питомец пёс | Nickelodeon Россия

лэйк проводит всё время с новой собакой. Но разве это настоящий пёс?

SpongeBob SquarePants | Boat Race | Nickelodeon UK

Plankton, Mr Krabs and SpongeBob compete in a high speed boat race. Who will be the winner?

What Weather Does Henry Not Like? | The Earl's Quiz | Thomas & Friends UK | Videos for Kids | UK

There are many wonderful things to see on the Island of Sodor! But, how closely are you paying attention?

דברים שאפשר לעשת בזמן שמחממים פיתה | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

Щенячий патруль | В поиске рюкзака | Nick Jr. Россия

Щенячий патруль только проснулся, но у них уже есть работа.

The Best of Cat Valentine | Nickelodeon

Happy International Cat Day 😹🎶

DIY Sparkle Slime for Stress Relief | Nickelodeon

Get your glitter on with this sparkle slime DIY! ✨ (📹: Cribs)

SpongeBob | ChefBob's Roast

ChefBob with the burns 🔥🔥🔥

This Is How Patrick Celebrates National Lazy Day | SpongeBob SquarePants

Lazy Day: Issa vibe 💤 (🎨: Mike D)

On This Day | Miranda at PCA | Zoey 101

Remember when Miranda Cosgrove considered attending PCA?

On This Day | Shelby Marx | iCarly

On this day 9 YEARS AGO, Carly accidently challenged Shelby Marx to a fight 😱

Remember When | Donatello vs. Shredder| TMNT

Remember when Donatello defeated Shredder on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Remember When | iDetention | iCarly

Remember when Carly tried to get detention?

Remember When | Seniors Bowling | Rugrats

Remember when Grandpa Pickles was a bowling champ?

Remember When | Trust Falls | True Jackson, VP

Remember when True Jackson and her team worked on trust exercises?

Remember When | Squidward Impersonation

Remember when SpongeBob did this epic impersonation of Squidward?

#Plankton may be #tiny but his genius is IMMENSE 😂 #spongebob

A post shared by Nickelodeon (@nickelodeon) on

Caption this #colorful moment from #KnightSquad! 😂🌈

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