Saturday, July 28, 2018

Thomas & Friends | Video Round-Up | Saturday 28th July 2018 [Updated]

Check out a selection of Thomas & Friends video clips!

We're Friends🎵Music Video | Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie | Thomas & Friends | Sing Along | UK

Sing Along to We're Friends from Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie! What's your favourite song from the Thomas & Friends movie?

Wake Up 🎵 Music Video | Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie | Thomas & Friends | Sing Along | UK

Sing Along to Wake Up from Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie from Thomas & Friends! 🎵

Thomas & Friends | Ashima Working Hard | Videos for Kids | UK

Everyone on Sodor is very busy today. Ashima finds Annie and Clarabel on a siding and decides to do Thomas' job for him. Ashima becomes the champion in a shunting challenge.

Sometimes You Make A Friend 🎵 Music Video | Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie | Thomas & Friends | UK

Sing Along to Sometimes You Make A Friends from Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie! 🎵

Vinnie Is Back in America | Great Race Friends Near and Far | Thomas & Friends | Videos for Kids | UK

Vinnie is finally home in America with a tough job to do! He says he's the strongest engine ever. Will he be able to complete his very heavy task?

A Most Singular Engine | Thomas & Friends

Diesel starts spreading rumors to cause trouble between Daisy and Harvey! Stay tuned to see what happens.

Thomas & Friends | Trust Thomas Clip Compilation | Classic Thomas & Friends | Videos for Kids | UK

Bertie learns that he can trust an engine - especially if his name is Thomas. Though Gordon and James prove to be less trustworthy.

Blast off! | Big Galaxy Big Adventures #1 | Thomas & Friends

Bust my buffers! It’s a starry night on the Island of Sodor and Thomas dreams of his biggest adventure ever in a galaxy far far away...

Big Galaxy Big Adventures is an all-new two-part adventure from the Thomas Creator Collective! Tune in next Friday, August 3rd for the epic super-sized conclusion!

The Thomas Creator Collective has new episodes every Friday with Thomas the Tank Engine, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Nia and more! Keep watching for a whole world of big adventures!

Executive Producer: Eric De Cordova
Directed by: SudrianRwyModeler, Tines Sensathe, Vincente22, Thomas TnP Productions, &
Alejandro Acosta
Lead Director/Animator: SudrianRwyModeler
Story by: Eric De Cordova, Trent Stanley & EnterprisingEngine93
Screenplay by: Trent Stanley
TCC Operations: Eric De Cordova, Trent Stanley, EnterprisingEngine93, The Trainmodeller ,ThomasFan247, SudrianRwyModeler & Michelle Hurtado
Edited by: Daniel Coffey (SmurfyDan), SudrianRwyModeler, Tines Sensathe, The Trainmodeller
Production Assistance: Scott Nolasco & OneThomasFan99
Animation by: SudrianRwyModeler, Aaron Cooper (TramEngineStudios), Jack Willett, Jadan DiStefano & Isaiah Ferguson (The Tuggster Intensifies)
Special Visual FX by: Jack Willet & SudrianRwyModeler
Score by: Nathan Tiemeyer ( UpsideNow) & Ben Goldman
Vocal Director: Joel Hunter
Translator: Alejandro Acosta
Special Thanks: John Edson & Leigh Ann Edwards
Thomas/Storyteller: Trent Stanley
Percy: EnterprisingEngine93
Nia: Janice Njiru
Diesel/Toby: Tines Sensathe
Hiro: Marcus Yamamoto
Pirate Diesel Shunters: Will Grubb (MOAB)
Annie: Michelle Hurtado
Clarabel: Kirsty (RosietheCutie1995)
Bill: Brandon Polley
Ben: Aaron Cooper (TramEngineStudios)
Edward/James/Iron 'Arry: Joel Hunter (GeebMachine)

About TCC:
Join Thomas & Friends as they journey through Sodor and beyond in these all-new original adventures from the Thomas Creator Collective!

Thomas & Friends | Troublesome Trucks Song Compilation 🎵| The Adventure Begins | Videos for Kids

All aboard for Thomas’ very first adventure! Finding the true blue meaning of hard work and friendship, Thomas transforms into the Number 1 engine on the Island of Sodor! Sing Along to Troublesome Trucks & more!

Thomas & Friends | Toby's Windmill | Full Episodes Compilation | Classic Thomas & Friends

The windmill is damaged after a heavy storm. Toby, who loves the windmill, finds a fallen tree and gives it to the miller. The mill is soon repaired and open again – thanks to Toby.

Catch Thomas & Friends episodes on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. in the USA and on Milkshake! in the UK! Check your local listings for the latest information.

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Originally published: Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 1:13am BST.
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