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Interviews with the cast of 'Knight Squad' | Nickelodeon [Updated]

A fantastic selection of interviews and behind-the-scenes tours with the cast of Nickelodeon's brand-new show, Knight Squad!

Interview with 'Knight Squad' Star Amarr M. Wooten

On Saturday 24th February 2018, comedy lovers will get a chance to add a new favourite show to their list. Nickelodeon USA is all set to add humor to the medieval times with its brand-new live action comedy show, Knight Squad.

CelebMix got a chance to talk to Amarr M. Wooten, who will be playing the role of Warwick on the show. The star, who garnered attention from his work in shows and movies including Splitting Adam, American Housewife, Disney’s Liv and Maddie, and Criminal Minds, told them about his new project and what the audience can expect from it. Check out the super interview below!:

Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I’m originally from Washington D.C. but I’ve lived in LA for 5 years

When did you first realize that you wanted to be an actor?

When I was about 11! As a 3 year old, I never really knew what I was doing, but as I grew older I started to take it more seriously.

How do you perceive your art? That is, if you had to define acting, how would you define it?

If I had to describe acting with one word, I would use the word “colorful”.

Do you have an idol who you look up to in terms of acting?

I look up to so many actors that it’s hard to pick one, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Heath Ledger are some of my favorite actors.

Every actor no matter how professional or popular he/she is, faces some challenges in his/her profession. What kind of challenges do you face while acting?

Many people go through different things, especially in the acting world. This person may not book anything, and this person may book everything that comes to them. Even if you book something that doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear yet; you could be replaced and the project may not do well, or it may never get picked up, you never know!

Congratulations for Knight Squad! Can you please tell us a bit about the show?

Thank you! The show takes place in medieval times so be ready for sword fights, ogres, pixies, wizards and sorcerers, flipping elves, a magical princess, and much more!

Please tell us about your character Warwick. How is this role different from the ones you have played till now?

Warwick is unlike any other character I’ve played before. I’ve played funny characters before, but he’s definitely the funniest character I’ve ever played, his backstory is different as well! He’s a third generation knight which means he has a lot to live up to!

How did you prepare for the character of Warwick?

For me it’s simple! I read the script and made sure I understood who Warwick was, then after that I went into the audition and tried my best!

Considering that you have starred in so many series, how do you take out time for studies and school?

It’s certainly not easy, but I try my best to take time out for school! I’m also lucky to be on shows that care about my education! So that helps as well!

Amarr, 2018 has just started. Do you have any major goals you wish to achieve this year?

In all honesty, my main goal for 2018 is to become the best version of myself that I can be and to be surrounded by fun, loving people.

Would you like to share with us your future projects that fans should look forward to?

Nothing that I can talk about right now, but you’ll have to wait and see!

Also, from Just Jared Jr.:

Knight Squad's Lilimar Is A Huge K-Pop Fan - Learn More Fun Facts About Her Here!

Lilimar will be back on our television screens tomorrow night with the premiere of Knight Squad on Nickelodeon.

The 17-year-old actress stars as Sage, the mean and mischievous leader of the Kraken Squad in the series.

Constantly trying to sabotage the Phoenix Squad and their quests, she is manipulative in the way she tricks Phoenix Squad to make bad choices and also how she uses her sidekick and best friend, Buttercup for her evil goals.

Knight Squad is set at a magical school for knights in training, where two mismatched students form an unlikely alliance to protect each other’s secret and pursue their dreams.

Learn more about Lilimar below with 10 Fun Facts, and tune into the premiere of Knight Squad on Saturday, February 24th @ 8PM ET/PT.

- I have a clothing collection with
- I have two different colored eyes.
- I dance.
- I started modeling before I got into acting.
- I’m bilingual.
- I’m currently working on my second show with Nickelodeon.
- I play “Isabella” in CW’s Life After First Failure.
- My family & I travel to somewhere new for each of our birthdays.
- I’ve been a huge k-pop fans for years.
- I can’t sleep without listening to a playlist of piano songs.


Also, from YSBnow:

YSBnow's Natasha spills all from the set!

Hey guys! YSBnow Reporter Natasha here! One of my favorite parts of being an entertainment reporter is getting to visit and observe all kinds of jobs that go into making the TV shows that I love. There’s always something really special about being on a big movie studio lot, and fortunately for me, Nickelodeon’s new show “Knight Squad” films at Paramount Studios, which is one of the most iconic ever!

When I arrived at the studio, I noticed that a ton of my favorite shows were also filming there. Any “This Is Us” fans in the house? I walked right by the cast’s trailers on my way to the “Knight Squad” set and had to keep my cool since some of the cast was outside just hanging out! When I found the "Knight Squad" stage, I greeted my pals Jaheem Toombs and Lilimar, who we’re definitely obsessed with over at YSBnow!

If you’ve never been to a TV set before, let me just tell you that it’s basically nothing like it looks on TV! None of the rooms have ceilings (because there are lights up there), and on the other side of where the action is happening, there are directors and producers making sure the scene is going well! The day I visited was a rehearsal day, so they invited the family of the cast and the reporters to watch the cast do a run-through of the episode. First of all, I have to say that this show is freaking HILARIOUS. I was laughing the whole time! I was even worried I was laughing too loudly! Lilimar brings the sass, Daniella Perkins brings the morals and the silly jokes, and the rest of the cast is filled with superstars that I’m so excited for you guys to get to know.

I can’t say much about what the episode was about, but just know that this show is full of heart-warming moments, important messages that you’ll definitely apply to your own life, and the jokes are going to have you pausing the show so you don’t miss any more jokes while you’re still laughing.

After the run-through, I got to chat with the cast of the show and they’re SO excited for you guys to see it. This show has been a thing in the making since 2016, and the cast and crew have worked so hard to bring you guys a show you’re going to love. Trust me, they delivered!

My interviews with the cast will be up soon, but in the meantime, check out the trailer for “Knight Squad” now and watch Lilimar talk to us about who she channeled for the role!


Also, from J-14:

The 'Knight Squad' Cast Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Their Set

OK, so sure Knight Squad hasn't been airing on Nickelodeon for long – it just premiered this month – but it really only took one episode to become completely obsessed. In case you're not familiar with the brand new series (which like, what the heck are you waiting for?), let us fill you in. For one, the show stars the fabulous Daniella Perkins, Owen Joyner, Lilimar, Lexi DiBenedetto, Amarr M. Wooten, Savannah May and more.

With a cast as awesome as they are, you could imagine how much fun they all have on set. Well, we can attest to that because J-14 hung out with the cast at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California while the cast was rehearsing for an upcoming episode. Leading actors Owen (who plays Arc) and Amarr (otherwise known as Warwick) even gave us a little tour of the set. Watch the video above to see our behind-the-scenes Knight Squad set tour and exclusive interviews with the cast.

When it came to pinpointing what makes this Nickelodeon so special and different than anything the network has done before, Daniella seriously couldn't pick just one of her favorite things.

"Our cast is like very diverse and I think that's amazing. We have amazing stunts – we have so many stunts, and we do them ourselves, like a lot of them," she told us.

Lilimar chimed in, "It's pretty fun. They trained us on the first week before the first episode that we started shooting, taught us kind of the basics."

Wow, that sure does sound like a ton fun – we can't wait to see what's in store in the coming episodes.


Also, from Backstage:

Interview: 2 Stars of Nickelodeon’s ‘Knight Squad’ Talk What it Takes to Get Cast on the Network

What has sorcery, a princess in disguise, a quarter-giant, sword fights, and premiers this Saturday, Feb. 24? Nickelodeon’s newest show, “Knight Squad,” of course. Featuring a cast made up almost entirely of talented young actors, the show follows the journey of four knights-in-training at a magical school and all the hijinx that ensue.

In the run-up to the show’s premiere, Backstage visited the set to spend some time with the cast and crew and see how the magic happens (literally). As half of the Phoenix Squad, Owen Joyner (Arc) and Amarr M. Wooten (Warwick) share some of their most memorable experiences on set, how they know an audition didn’t go their way, and the joy of getting to play with swords every day. They also both happen to be Nickelodeon vets (“100 Things to Do Before High School” and “The Thundermans,” “Splitting Adam,” respectively), so they know a thing or two about what it takes to land a role with the network.

An excited cast and crew can make or break a show.
Owen Joyner: We have a great crew and a great cast. We’re all really excited to be here. Sometimes you’ll go on sets and people are moping around, working for the weekend. But I think most people here actually genuinely are excited to see us and excited to be here.

Stuntwork is as fun as it looks on TV.
AW: We’re doing stunts every day. It’s really cool. I’ve never held a sword before this but it’s been pretty cool, the stuff we get to do. We’ve been doing stuff on harnesses, which wasn’t super-fun because it’s not super-comfortable, but it looks cool!

OJ: We did a five-day training course. They took us to a giant soundstage that was empty and had mats and mini-trampolines set up and a bunch of different weapons lying around. It was super-cool. We got to learn how to use the swords....It’s been crazy. I get really excited when they’re like, “Hey, just throw that roll,” I’m like, “Yes! Sweet. Finally.”

Always read the whole script before an audition if possible.
OJ: The first thing I do is go through the script if I’m given the entire script. Sometimes we’re given sides, some things will be x’ed out—always read those if you want a backstory on a character. It’s the best way. Sometimes they’ll do it on purpose, give a really thin X so you can see it—that’s definitely for backstory. So I go through the entire thing and I take notes on the first emotions that pop into my head [as I read].

AW: I read the script, I go over it, I go to the audition...Whenever I go to an audition, in the car, I’m always blasting music like Kanye West, people that pump me up. I won’t talk in the car. I get really nervous but I love being nervous, that’s how you know you want it...I like getting nervous, it shows that I care. The day I stop getting nervous is probably the day I stop caring about acting in general. I love it so I get nervous all the time.

OJ: It’s funny. During an audition, you know, “These people want me to do good.” Casting is trying to find someone just as much as you want it. But no matter how much you think about that, I still get so nervous.

It is absolutely not necessary to live in Los Angeles.
OJ: I live in Oklahoma, so everything I’ve ever done is self-tape. I’ve done, like, two live auditions. People who say you have to be in California, you have to do this, you have to do that...I don’t think it’s true. I think if you work hard enough, you can definitely do it anywhere you are, especially with today’s technology. You definitely don’t have to be in California.

AW: Being in DC, I used to go out to New York but I didn’t need to be in New York. You can be anywhere.

You can sometimes tell when casting didn’t love your audition.
OJ: I mentally check out after a bad audition. My worst one...I walked in and every guy there was probably over 230 pounds, 6’1, and I was like, “Why am I here? I’m definitely in the wrong room. This is for WWE or something.” I tanked it. [Casting] was like, “Oh...ok. Thank you so much.”

AW: That’s how you know. When they say “thank you so much.” When they’re overly nice.

Auditioning is a process.
AW: [Auditioning for “Knight Squad”] was a very interesting process. It was a lot to go through. At my first audition, I went in with a girl auditioning to be Ciara. No one was laughing at all, we just didn’t vibe. I was one of the first people released after that—usually, if you’re released in the first group, that means you’re never getting called back—and I felt so bad for myself. And then four weeks later, I got another call saying they wanted to see me again. In my very last audition, I met Owen at the network “mix-and-match”—there are different groups of [actors reading with each other]—and the audition room was kind of ominous. When I was done, I didn’t feel anything. I usually feel, “Oh I killed it” or “Oh I didn’t feel that.” But they literally called me 15 minutes after to tell me I got it.


Cast of Nickelodeon's Knight Squad SPILLS Secrets About The Show & Each Other | Clevver News

Clevver's Emile Ennis Jr visits the set of Nickelodeon's new show Knight Squad to get all the juicy deets about what's in store for the season & MORE.


Also, from Just Jared Jr.:

'Knight Squad' Cast Spills Secrets About the Show & Each Other! (Video)

Nickelodeon’s new series Knight Squad premieres TONIGHT!

It tells the story of two mismatched students who form an unlikely alliance to protect each other’s secret and pursue their dreams at a magical school for knights in training.

Knight Squad stars Owen Joyner, Daniella Perkins, Lilimar, Amarr M. Wooten, Savannah May, Lexi DiBenedetto, and more.

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of the group as they dish on their characters, their Thundermans cast friendships, and secrets about each other in the Clevver News video below!

Don’t miss Knight Squad tonight at 8:30p/7:30c on Nickelodeon.


Also, from International Business Times:

Owen Joyner, Daniella Perkins Talk Dream ‘Knight Squad’ Guest Star And Girl Power

Prepare to enter into a world full of knights and princesses with Nickelodeon’s new series, “Knight Squad.” The network aired a sneak peek of the live-action show after the premiere of its movie “Blurt!” on Monday, but the full debut of the series and its second episode comes Saturday night.

Stars Daniella Perkins (Ciara) and Owen Joyner (Arc) gave International Business Times insider details on the magical new realm fans will see in the series and what they can expect in the episodes to come.

“‘Knight Squad’ is about a group of kids who go to this school to become knights and there are two students, in particular, Arc and Ciara, and they have a really big secret that they have to keep, so they form an unlikely friendship that you would not expect them to have,” Perkins told IBT.

The two bond together over this secret, which the trailer reveals is that Ciara’s actually a princess, and they become closer because of it.

“They go on crazy adventures, there’s a whole bunch of sword-fighting, there’s fire, magical creatures, we just do crazy things,” she said.

Aside from being a princess and in knight school, there’s so much more to Ciara, which is what drew Perkins to the role. The actress describes the character as being determined, friendly and the “definition of girl power,” which is why she’s someone Perkins aspires to be like.

As for Joyner, he said his character Arc is a “very energetic, friendly, loving guy.” With friendliness as a top quality for both of their characters, it’s no wonder they’re able to keep each other’s secrets and learn to work together. Clearly it’s important that they do because Joyner mentioned that they have a lot of missions to complete, all while trying to stay in knight school.

With all of these adventures happening, fans can expect to see a lot of stunts and “sword moves,” said Joyner, though, unfortunately, he didn’t get to do any of his own moves.

“Oh, I wish,” he said of wanting to do stunts. “I’m not 18, so I can’t. I’m like, ‘No, I’m good, I’m chill to do it.’ But then my stunt double does like four backflips and I’m like ‘I can’t do it.’”

Even though he doesn’t get to do any of the fight scenes or tricks, Joyner has nothing but great things to say about the show and the cast. The only thing that could make this experience any better for him would be if the series got one very specific guest star.

“Honestly, Jerry Trainor,” he said of who he’d most want to cameo on the show. “Yeah, Jerry Trainor. Spencer from ‘iCarly.’ I'd freak out. I want him to direct one of our episodes. Even though we have an amazing director now, that would be awesome.”

The Nickelodeon star shared that he was a huge “iCarly” fan and that it was “my show when I grew up.” He even remembers crying while watching the series finale in 2012.

Now, Joyner and Perkins are giving viewers the chance to be that emotionally invested in an all-new Nickelodeon show.

Catch “Knight Squad” on Nickelodeon on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. EST.


Don't miss the premiere of Knight Squad, Saturday February 24th at 8:30/7:30c, only on Nick USA! Watch a FULL sneak-peek episode now on and the Nick App! Are you excited? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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