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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nickelodeon Video Round-Up - Issue 93: Global Edition

As today has been another very busy news day due to Nickelodeon @ SDCC 2017, I'm putting the majority of today's videos clips in one round-up post. Hope you enjoy! :)

More Nick: SDCC 'Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie' Sneak Peek | The Legend of Arnold | Nickelodeon!

Vikki RPM: Stefano y Max, ¡CONÓCELOS A FONDO! | Nickelodeon Latinoamérica

Es hora de conocer más a fondo a Stefano Ollivier, que interpreta a Max, el galán de #VikkiRPM.
¿Qué te sorprendió de él?
-Preestreno digital: 27 de julio en Nick Play y

The Loud House | Geo's on a Roll | Nick Gamer | Nickelodeon UK

The Loud's pet hamster has escaped. Help him dodge obstacles in the hallway, and avoid Lincoln's whoopee cushions.

Play the game for free at :

Nickelodeon Sommerspiele on Tour - Folge 17: Splashdiving - Nickelodeon Deutschland

Wisst ihr was Splashdiving ist? Splashdiving bezeichnet den Sprung ins Wasser mit einer Arschbombe. Eins ist sicher: Bei Nicos und Kevins Hobby darf man keine Höhenangst haben.

Novas Loucuras - ToonMarty - Nickelodeon Brasil

Não perca ToonMarty e as maiores loucuras da tela da Nickelodeon!

Why I didn't do a "JoJo's Juice" this week | JJ S'world

Henry Danger | Incastrati | Nickelodeon Italia

Capitan Man e Kid Danger sono in trappola dentro due buchi!

Alvinnn!!! et les Chipmunks | Buzz vidéo | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

Brittany et ses amies ont réalisé une vidéo qui est devenue virale après avoir atteint plus d'un million de vues sur internet.

Paw Patrol | Pups Save the Robodinosaur | Nick Jr. UK

Chase tries to stop the runaway robosaurus from causing havoc! Can the PAW Patrol gang work together to hold back the giant robot dinosaur?


Ryan's going to show you how to make THREE deliciously different kinds of fruit animals! What’s a fruit animal you might be wondering… well, it’s exactly what it sounds like… fruit that’s shaped like an animal!

Banana Dolphin!
You will need:
1 Banana
Cutting Board
Black Marker

Step 1: Take a banana and cut it one inch down from the top. Make sure not to cut all the way through the banana.
Step 2: Slice the top of the banana all the way down. Make sure you cut off the bottom.
Step 3: Open the flaps and take out the banana and flip the peel over.
Step 4: Take a black marker and draw on the eyes on the top of the banana.
Step 5: Ask an adult to pre-cut the mouth for you.
Step 6: Put the banana back on the peel, and cut it up.

Grape Hedgehog!
You will need:
Cutting Board
1 Pear
1 Black Olive

Step 1: Peel the top half of a pear. Ask an adult to cut off a flat edge on the bottom.
Step 2: Take a black olive and put it on the stem to create a nose.
Step 3: Place the cloves as eyes in the pear.
Step 4: Place grapes on toothpicks and place on the pear with the top of the toothpick sticking out.

Froggie Fruit Bowl!
You will need:
Cutting Board
1 Cantaloupe
Fruit Salad

Step 1: Ask an adult to cut a slice out of the middle of the cantaloupe, and a flat edge on the bottom.
Step 2: Use a spoon to scope out the insides.
Step 3: With the extra cantaloupe skin from the mouth, create 2 legs and 2 feet.
Step 4: Take 2 halves of the left over skin, to create the base of the eyes. Put the blueberry on the toothpick on top of the eye base.
Step 5: Fill your frog with fruit salad
Step 6: Place the frog legs and feet in front of the cantaloupe.
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