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Friday, March 31, 2017

Jagger Eaton and Chris Cole Smash two skateboarding records on "Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life"

For last weekend’s episode of Nickelodeon's action-packed docu-series Jagger Eaton's Mega Life, Jagger Eaton, a 16-year-old X Games competitor and the star of the show, took on a pair of Guinness World Records titles.

Enlisting the help of pro-skateboarder Chris Cole, the duo teamed up to tackle the records for Longest 50 - 50 rail grind on a skateboard and Most fakie kickflips on a skateboard in one minute.

For those unfamiliar with skateboard terminology, a 50-50 rail grind refers to the centre of the board gliding along a railing - a skill that requires a mastery of force and balance.

Likewise, to achieve a successful fakie kickflip, the rider must use his or her centre of gravity to ollie the skateboard; then spin it 360 degrees with the front foot while riding in a fakie stance.

The pressure was on for both participants, especially Mega Ramp competitor Jagger, who attempted the rail grind record; a title held by idol and professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek.

On set of the show in Los Angeles, California, official adjudicator Michael Furnari was present to verify that all guidelines were followed.

Chris went first, knowing he needed to achieve over 14 fakie kickflips in order to beat the previous record holder.

With a few jerks of the feet, Cole was flipping consistently for the duration of 60 seconds.

On his very first try, the boarder showed off his level of talent with a new record of 24 fakie kickflips.

Up next, Jagger stepped up to challenge the record of his favourite skateboarding professional.

Knowing he needed to beat Dyrdek’s record of 100 ft 5.75 inches (30.6 m), Jagger confidently stated “I want to break a record and I want do it on purpose.”

The teen then took one powerful leap and glided smoothly down the railing – achieving a final distance of 204 ft (62.1792 m), doubling the previous record.

After celebrating with their certificates, Jagger continued the episode by attempting a series of fun titles with his younger brothers.

They included:

The most shoelaces tied in a bow in one minute
The most socks put on the foot in one minute
The most eggs crushed with the toes in one minute
The most sticky notes stuck on the body in 30 seconds
The most sticky notes stuck on the face in 30 seconds
The most t-shirts put on in one minute
The most balloons burst by sitting in 30 seconds
The tallest stack of doughnuts in one minute
The fastest time to duct tape a person to a wall

Although none of the attempts were successful, Jagger and his brothers had a blast trying their hand at unique records, and a taste of how much practice is needed to hold a world record title!

With a job well done, Jagger, who made history back in 2012 when became the world’s Youngest X games athlete at the age of 11 and 129 day, can now add another record title to his growing collection.

Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life premieres every Sunday on Nickelodeon USA and follows the adventures of the teen skateboarder as he introduces viewers to people who are pushing boundaries, living their lives to the fullest, and inspiring others to follow their lead.

To watch the record-breaking episode, click here.

Big man @kamakossy testing out the mega rail. You can still catch 'Record Breakers' online - link in bio!

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