Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nickelodeon USA Unveils Official "Bunsen Is A Beast!" Website

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA starting to premiere and show the networks brand-new original animated series Bunsen is a Beast! in February 2017, Nick.com has unveiled the networks official Bunsen is a Beast! show website, nick.com/bunsen!

'Bunsen is a Beast!'

Say "hello" to Bunsen - the new beast in school... well, he's MORE than just the new beast. He's the FIRST beast in an all-HUMAN grade school. Bunsen is the world's first beast ambassador, and while he's at Muckledunk Middle School, he'll show everyone that beasts and humans are not so different!

With help with his new human BFF Mikey Munroe, Bunsen will learn exactly how to survive in the human world… like how to do homework, how to eat in a cafeteria, how to not let his Sneeze Beasts run wild – you know, the basics! On the flipside, Bunsen will introduce Mikey to the wild and whacky world of monsters which, as it turns out, is a lot more fun than scary!

Bunsen is curious to know everything about humankind, and with Mikey by his side they'll show the world that beasts and humans can live together side by side. No matter what the stakes, Bunsen and Mikey will always have each other's backs.

Just don't feed Bunsen any beets… he'll go crazy and try to eat you. This is your final warning.

The original animated comedy (20 episodes) is created and executive produced by Butch Hartman, and is Butch's fourth Nicktoon series. Nickelodeon greenlit the series for production in December 2015.

Leading up to the debut of Bunsen is a Beast!, Nick USA will air a monsteriffic preview of Bunsen is a Beast!, "Hide and Go Freak"/"Bunsen Screams for Ice Cream", on Monday 16th January 2017 at 8:00pm ET/PT, following the premiere of the brand-new Nickelodeon Original Movie, Rufus 2 at 7:00pm ET/PT.

In "Hide and Go Freak", Bunsen, Mikey and Amanda play the beast version of hide-and-go-seek in Bunsen's house. Then, in "Bunsen Screams for Ice Cream", Bunsen's love of ice cream almost gets him expelled when Amanda uses it to lure him out of school.

On Nick USA's brand-new official Bunsen is a Beast! show website, viewers can find information about Nickelodeon's all-new Nicktoons series and watch super sneak-peek of the show.

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