Sunday, October 30, 2016

Creepin' Weekend 2016 On Nicktoons USA

Get ready for heart-stopping, pulse pounding, scary good action with Nicktoons Creepin' Weekend!

Catch creeptastic specials of Making Fiends, Danny Phantom and Invader ZIM all this Hallo-weekend between 12pm-5pm ET/PT!

It's like the best Halloween party ever, except with flying evil Chicken wings.. oh, wait - it is the best Halloween party ever!

Check out Nicktoons USA's Creepin' Weekend line-up below!:

Saturday 29th October 2016:

12:00pm - Making Fiends - Charlotte's First Day; A Fiendish Friend; Super Evil: Charlotte goes to her first day of school in Clamburg; Charlotte wants to play pretend with Vendetta; Charlotte takes a quiz in Vendetta's magazine.

12:30pm - Making Fiends - Vegetables; Toupee; Mama Vendetta: Charlotte brings vegetables to school; Vendetta gives Mr. Milk a fiend toupee; Vendetta creates exploding pigeon fiends.

1:00pm - Danny Phantom - Mystery Meat: A ghostly lunch lady seeks revenge when the school cafeteria serves only vegetarian meals.

1:30pm - Danny Phantom - Bitter Reunions: Danny meets the evil Vlad Plasmius a childhood rival of his father who now has ghostly powers.

2:00pm - Danny Phantom - Prisoners of Love: Danny accidentally knocks his father's anniversary gift into the ghost zone.

2:30pm - Danny Phantom - My Brother's Keeper: Jazz thinks Danny is depressed and decides to sign him up for therapy.

3:00pm - Invader Zim - The Nightmare Begins: Zim and Gir plot the destruction of Earth.

3:30pm - Invader Zim - Attack of the Saucer Morons; The Wettening: Zim crash-lands in a field; it is a rainy day, and Zim fears water.

4:00pm - Invader Zim - Planet Jackers; The Rise of Zitboy: Zim rescues Earth from planet-jackers; Zim disguises a pimple.

4:30pm - Invader Zim - Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain; Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy Piggy: Gir takes the house and Zim for a wild ride; a time machine alters Dib's past.

Sunday 30th October 2016:

12:00pm - Making Fiends - Shrinking Charlotte; Parents; No Singing: Vendetta creates a shrinking slug; Vendetta creates substitute parents for Charlotte; Vendetta grows tired of Charlotte's constant singing.

12:30pm - Making Fiends - Puppies, Puppies, Puppies; Shorts 1; Marvin the Middle Manager: Vendetta makes a vicious guard dog to protect her favorite places from Charlotte; bored with school, Vendetta decides to leave, putting Marvin in charge.

1:00pm - Danny Phantom - Shades of Gray: After ghosts ruin a popular coed's social life, she dedicates herself to hunting them.

1:30pm - Danny Phantom - Public Enemies: Amity Park learns about the ghost kid and Danny becomes public enemy number one.

2:00pm - Danny Phantom - Maternal Instincts: Danny and his mother attend a weekend mother/son science seminar.

2:30pm - Danny Phantom - Million Dollar Ghost: Vlad Masters steals Jack Fenton's portal and creates a distraction by offering a bounty to eliminate Danny.

3:00pm - Invader Zim - Door to Door; FBI Warning of Doom: Zim tries to sell the most candy in a Skool drive; Zim meets a mall security guard.

3:30pm - Invader Zim - Bolognius Maximus; Game Slave 2: Zim introduces bologna DNA into Dib, causing him to become a walking bologna boy; Gaz tries to buy the last Game Slave 2.

4:00pm - Invader Zim - Mysterious Mysteries; Future Dib: Zim, Dib, Gir, and Gaz appear on Dib's favorite show; Dib meets a future version of himself.

4:30pm - Invader Zim - Hobo 13; Walk for Your Lives: The Tallest dispatch ZIM to Hobo 13 for military training; after creating a slowly expanding explosion, ZIM tries to get rid of it.

Monday 31st October 2016 (Halloween):

1:00pm - Making Fiends - Parentnapped; Smash; New Best Friend: Charlotte takes Vendetta's parents on a picnic; Vendetta becomes fused to Charlotte; Vendetta stays with Marion while her house is tented for termites.

1:30pm - Making Fiends - Tornado; Shorts 2; Pony: Vendetta creates a tornado fiend that picks up Charlotte's house; Charlotte and Vendetta share a dream; Charlotte begs Vendetta to make her a pony.

2:00pm - Danny Phantom - Memory Blank: After an argument, Sam wishes that she had never met Danny.

2:30pm - Danny Phantom - Secret Weapons: Danny tries to stop Skulker from looting while dealing with his unwanted sidekick, Jazz.

3:00pm - Invader Zim - Megadoomer; Lice: Zim gets a robot from Irk; lice infest the Skool.

3:30pm - Invader Zim - Gir's Gone Crazy and Stuff; Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom: Dib's life takes a mysterious turn for the better; the tables get turned when ZIM makes GIR a little too smart.

4:00pm - Invader Zim - Tak: The Hideous New Girl: ZIM thinks the new girl in school has a crush on him, but he's in for a big surprise.

4:30pm - Invader Zim - The Girl Who Cried Gnome; Dibship Rising: A media circus erupts after a Girly Ranger gets stuck in a hole in ZIM's front yard; Dib downloads his personality into Tak's spaceship.

(All times ET/PT)

Plus, don't forget to tune into the hit Nickelodeon TV movie Cry Baby Lane (2000), Monday 31st October 2016 at 1:30am, only on The Splat!

H/T: ToonZone Forums member JTOONSAnimation; Schedule source: Screener TV Listings.
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