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The Splat To Air "Pelswick" On Saturday 1st October 2016 | Nickelodeon Animation 25

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to a very last minute schedule change, The Splat won't be airing Pelswick at this moment in time. :(

Zap2it TV Listings is reporting the exciting news that The Splat, Nickelodeon's destination for the most loved Nick content from the 1990s and beyond, will be airing two episodes of the noughties animated series Pelswick on Saturday 1st October 2016, as part of Nickelodeon's 25 Years of Animation celebration!

UPDATE: Following the debut of Pelswick, The Splat will air two more Pelswick episodes on Sunday 2nd October 2016 from 11pm/4am ET/PT!

Pelswick follows Pelswick Eggert, an ordinary, smart, good-natured 13-year-old, but unlike any of his friends, he's got a cool set of wheels! Pelswick is 'permanently seated' as he likes to call a wheelchair. But don't think that Pelswick takes life sitting down, he's up with the best (and worst) of them, 'locked' up for six hours a day at Alcatraz Jr. High school.

Like any other kid, Pelswick is dealing with typical teenage traumas but he always remains his own dude, refusing to surf the wave of popular culture. To his best friends, Ace & Goon, Pelswick is a fearless leader (usually leading them straight into mischief). Julie, who Pelswick has a secret crush on, thinks he's a great friend, and when it comes to dealing with the school bully, Boyd, Pelswick's rolling with the punches - literally.

Unlike other kids, Pelswick also has Mr. Jimmy, his long-bearded, all knowing Guardian Angel. Able to tell the future, Mr Jimmy always has some cryptic advice on hand to help Pelswick out.

In "I Won't Run, Don't Ask Me", airing at 11:00pm ET/PT, unable to threaten Pelswick physically, Boyd decides to humiliate him on a whole different level—by nominating him for school president.

Then, in "Brain Suckers of Skuldeth 5", airing at 11:30pm ET/PT, Ace and Goon lure Pelswick into participating in the latest craze, the Brain Suckers trading card game. Soon Pelswick is totally hooked—and Boyd has the one ultra-rare card Pelswick would do anything to get.

Sunday 2nd October 2016:

11pm - Me, Myself and Irate: Pelswick gets revenge on Boyd during Grandparent Appreciation Week.

11:30pm - Draw!: Pelswick's joy at having his controversial cartoon published in the school paper is diminished when the publication is banned.

Following each episodes' initial airing, The Splat will encore both episodes from 4:00am ET/PT.

Pelswick is created by John Callahan, an acclaimed cartoonist, who was left paralyzed by a car accident at the age of 21. Although confined to a wheelchair, John's sense of humor has known no bounds. He adds his unique blend of razor- sharp whit, heart and real-life experience to this extraordinary cartoon series. Through Pelswick and his friends, kids can approach the topics surrounding disability in a comfortable way, and be reminded that physically challenged kids are still KIDS.

Pelswick is co-produced by Nelvana Limited and Suzhou Hong Ying Animation Corporation Limited in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Nickelodeon Productions.

The series originally ran on Nickelodeon USA between October 5, 2000 – November 14, 2002. The series also aired on Nick on CBS.

Fans can find out more about the series on the official Pelswick website,

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