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Nickelodeon USA's June 2016 Premiere Highlights

Below are Nickelodeon USA's currently announced June 2016 premiere highlights for Nick, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Nick at Nite, TeenNick and TV Land:

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All In With Cam Newton:
Fridays at 8:00pm from 3rd June 2016

Friday 3rd June 2016 - All In With Kaden and Soleil: Cam rides with a BMX hopeful as he learns from Matt Hoffman; checking in with an aspiring veterinarian at a farm.

Friday 10th June 2016 - All In With Jackson and Ajnai: Cam meets a future weatherman and gets some tips from meteorologist Jackie Johnson; Cam plays basketball with a girl named Ajnai and former WNBA player Lisa Leslie.

Friday 17th June 2016 - All In With Alaysia and Jack: Cam meets a girl who dreams of being the first female in the NFL; dancer Kenny Wormald advises a boy on becoming a professional performer.

Sanjay and Craig

Saturday 18th June 2016 - Combo Attack; Stuffed Curse Pizza: Megan makes friends with Chido and struggles to keep it a secret; after a string of clumsy accidents, Sanjay is convinced that he is cursed.

Monday 20th June 2016 - Halloweenies; G.U.T.S. Busters: The gang wishes every day was Halloween, so they decide to make it happen; Sanjay and Craig compete on a road-show version of the classic Nickelodeon series "G.U.T.S."

Tuesday 21st June 2016 - Paper Pushers; Bros of a Feather: Noodman tries to uncover Sanjay and Craig's racket of keeping money for newspapers they do not deliver; Sanjay and Craig take an orphaned baby bird under their wings.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 - Ain't No Fang; Baldalzerac!: Craig teaches Sanjay the art of being a snake; Sanjay and Craig's actions in the present affect a future episode from Season 12.

The HALO Effect

Friday 17th June 2016 - Paper for Water: Two sisters use their passion for making origami to help bring accessible clean water to people throughout the world.

ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks:
Weekdays at 6:00pm from Monday 6th June 2016

Monday 6th June 2016 - Brittany the Body Snatcher: When Brittany begins acting nice towards Alvin, he becomes convinced that aliens have taken over her body.

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - Agent Smith: Simon tries to earn a job on the school newspaper by proving that his teacher may be a secret agent.

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Baby Whisperer: Alvin dresses Theodore up like a baby in order to impress the girl of his dreams.

Thursday 9th June 2016 - Let's Make a Deal: Chaos ensues when Alvin promises too many favors in order to make a special present for Dave.

Friday 10th June 2016 - Munk Man: Alvin and Simon argue over who is the real hero when Simon creates a super hero costume for a convention.

Bella and the Bulldogs:
Saturdays at 9:00pm from 4th June 2016

Saturday 4th June 2016 - Tailgating: Bella tries to hide the feelings she still has for Zach when Troy invites him to their tailgate; Troy and Sophie challenge Newt and Pepper to some tailgate games. (#220)

Saturday 11th June 2016 - Oh Baby, It's the Playoffs: Bella must make a tough decision when the Bulldogs' playoff game is moved to the same day as Pepper's mother's baby shower. (#218)

Saturday 25th June 2016 - Biggest. Game. Ever.: The team has a shocking realization when their new game plan for the state championship against their rivals does not work.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Thursday 2nd June 2016 at 1:30pm - Race to Eagle Rock: Blaze brings all of his monster truck pals to VelocityVille for a race to the top of Eagle Rock, but Crusher will stop at nothing to win. (Guest starring superstar race car drivers Danica Patrick, Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliott and Kasey Kahne; #218)

Harvey Beaks:
Weekdays at 5:30pm from Monday 6th June 2016

Monday 6th June 2016 - Wade Is Cooler Than Dade; King of the Castle: Dade tries to change everything about himself so that he can be just like his cool, younger brother Wade; when the children find an abandoned junkyard, they build a castle out of garbage.

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - Foofee; Why Are You Even Friends?: Fee and Foo have a secret language for just the two of them, but Foo feels betrayed when Fee shares it with Harvey; Dade begins to panic when he doubts whether or not he and Harvey are best friends.

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Alone; Foo Shoes: Harvey must find a way to have fun by himself when he is unable to find anyone to play with; Foo's handmade mud shoes become popular in Littlebark.

Thursday 9th June 2016 - The Punishment; Arbor Day: Harvey tries to find a big enough punishment when he feels guilty for accidentally breaking a plate; Piri Piri's favorite holiday comes under attack.

Friday 10th June 2016 - Double Digits; Fee and Foo's First Birthday: Harvey fears becoming a boring adult, so he tries to cancel his birthday; the twins throw a huge birthday bash for themselves.

Monday 13th June 2016 - The New Bugaboo: Harvey thinks his family is big enough, so in a moment of panic he gives his baby sister away.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 - The Case of the Missing Pancake: Harvey's grandparents are the suspects of the despicable crime of pancake theft.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - Kathy With a K: Harvey attempts to find like-minded friends for a shy girl who loves leaves.

Thursday 16th June 2016 - Harvey's Pet: Harvey wants to prove that he has enough responsibility to take care of a pet, so he adopts a plant and treats it like a puppy.

Friday 17th June 2016 - Fee's Pyramid: When Fee becomes Michele's honorary big sister, she discovers it to be a lot harder then being a sister to Foo.

Monday 20th June 2016 - Life Debt: When Foo saves Rooter, Rooter decides to devote his life to Foo at the expense of never seeing his family again.

Tuesday 21st June 2016 - The Feelings: Irving sets up a demonstrative camping trip in hopes of connecting with his stone-faced father.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 - Bag of Naughty: Harvey and the twins must destroy a bag of magical fireworks, but face strong temptation to set them off.

Thursday 23rd June 2016 - Steampunks Part 1: Harvey imagines that he is in a steampunk world, and is blamed for breaking a floating city.

Friday 24th June 2016 - Steampunks Part 2: Harvey continues on his quest to fix the floating city, but danger looms around every steamy corner.

School of Rock:
Saturdays at 8:30pm from 4th June 2016

Saturday 4th June 2016 - Freddy Fights for His Right to Party: Freddy works to get himself and Zack invited to an exclusive party, but he is forced to make a difficult choice when the invite is only for him. (#109)

Saturday 11th June 2016 - (Really Really) Old Time Rock and Roll: (TBA)

Saturday 18th June 2016 - We Are the Champions ... Maybe: When a rival group steals their song at the Battle of the Bands, the group decides to use an original song to show off their rock star power.

Shimmer and Shine:

Wednesday 15th 2016 at 12:00pm - Welcome to Zahramay Falls: Shimmer and Shine receive a special Green Burst Gem from Princess Samira and bring it into the human world. The evil sorceress Zeta uses magic to steal the gem, but her spell goes awry and pulls Leah and Zac into Zahramay Falls. (season two premiere)

Wednesday 15th 2016 at 12:30pm - All Bottled Up / Zoom Zahramay: Shimmer and Shine are trapped in a genie bottle and need Leah's help to escape. The three friends also try to beat Zeta in a magic carpet ride race to win the magical Racing Gem.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 - A Tree-mendous Rescue; Flying Flour: Shimmer, Shine and their friends set out a mission to find a brand new gem deep within Genie Forest; Shimmer, Shine and Leah plan to bake flying cookies, but Zeta plans to steal the recipe's special ingredient.

Wednesday 29th June 2016 - Mermaid Mayhem; Snow Place We'd Rather Be: When Shimmer and Shine tell Leah that mermaids live in Zahramay Falls, Leah wishes that they could be mermaids too; Princess Samira sends Leah and the genies to find a snowflake gem hidden inside an ice palace.

The Loud House:
Weekdays at 5:00pm from Monday 6th June 2016

Monday 6th June 2016 - For Bros About to Rock: Lincoln is going to his first rock concert, and Luna is determined to make it the greatest experience ever.

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - Ties That Bind: Lincoln eavesdrops on his parents and thinks they have decided to get rid of their children. (#109B)

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - The Green House: Lincoln tries to encourage the family to stop using so much electricity. (#111B)

Thursday 9th June 2016 - The Butterfly Effect: Lincoln spills one of Lisa's experiments, setting off a chain reaction throughout the house. (#111A)

Friday 10th June 2016 - It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House: When Lincoln finds a letter in the attic, he begins to believe there is money hidden somewhere in the house. (#113B)

The Other Kingdom:

Sunday 5th June 2016 at 7:00pm: Love Hurts: Astral goes overboard while casting a love spell and winds up ensnaring the whole school. (#115)

Sunday 5th June 2016 at 7:30pm: You Can't Go Home Again: Astral attempts to change a foe's mind by reminding him of what is important. (#116)

Sunday 12th June 2016 at 7:00pm: Cliff Anger: Astral attempts to help Athenia by making an unlikely alliance.

Sunday 12th June 2016 at 7:30pm: The Campaign: Astral, Morgan and Devon try to create a viral video to generate publicity for the plight of the woods.

Sunday 19th June 2016: The Great Escape: Astral and her friends deal with unresolved issues while they are trapped in the gym during the Time of the Dimming.

Sunday 19th June 2016: Hidden in Plain Sight: Astral, Morgan and Devon must hurry to get everything ready in time for the Fall Dance.

The Thundermans:
Saturdays at 8:00pm from 4th June 2016

Saturday 4th June 2016 - Dog Day After-School: Billy and Nora seek Phoebe's help to retrieve their mother's tablet after it is confiscated at school.

Saturday 11th June 2016 - Original Prankster: Despite promising his girlfriend that he would stop pulling pranks, Max pulls an epic gag that his friend gets blamed for.

Saturday 25th June 2016 - Chutes and Splatters: Phoebe's latest superhero mission is to baby-sit President Kuckbutt's troublemaking teen daughter, but the assignment quickly gets out of control.

Mutt & Stuff:

Friday 10th June 2016 at 11:00am: Pool Party: When it is super hot outside, Calvin takes all the dogs on a field trip to an indoor pool park. (#140)

Bubble Guppies:

Friday 10th June 2016 at 11:00am: The Summer Camp Games: Molly, Gil and the Guppies celebrate summer with lots of outdoor fun; Gil uses his camping skills to rescue Bubble Puppy during the Summer Camp Games. (#413)


The Thundermans and Henry Danger crossover special "Danger & Thunder" - Saturday 18th June 2016 at 8:00pm.

2016 CMT Music Awards - Wednesday 8th June 8th at 8:00pm on CMT, TV Land and Nick @ Nite.

Nick Jr.

Weekdays at 8:00am from Monday 30th May 2016

Monday 30th May 2016 - Making Friends: The Teletubbies say 'eh-oh' to each other in turn and then say 'eh-oh' to flowers, while the children in Tummy Tales make a friendship circle out of hand-prints. (series premiere)

Tuesday 31st May 2016 - Up and Down: When the Tubby Phone rings, Dipsy comes slowly down on the Dup Dup to answer it, and then goes back up again.

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - Babies: The Teletubbies eat Tubby Custard and ride the Custard Train around Home Dome; a child in Tummy Tales tries to make his baby sister laugh.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 - Bubbles: The Tubby Custard Machine makes Tubby Custard bubbles; the Teletubbies have fun chasing and popping bubbles.

Friday 3rd June 2016 - Puddles: When it rains, the Teletubbies hurry inside the Home Dome to eat Tubby Toast; the group dances in puddles made by the rain.

Monday 6th June 2016 - Windy Day: Dipsy's hat gets blown away during a windy day in Teletubbyland.

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - Bumps!: The Teletubbies have fun bumping into one another and watch children in Tummy Tales play in bumper cars.

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Muddy Footprints: Laa-Laa leaves muddy footprints on a rug but magically makes them disappear by singing; the children in Tummy Tales enjoy a squelchy walk through mud with bare feet.

Thursday 9th June 2016 - Bouncy Ball: Laa-Laa's bouncy ball makes a mess in Home Dome, where the other Teletubbies have sat down to eat bowls of yummy tubby custard; in Tummy Tales, the children blow up a big bouncy ball and play with it in the park.

Friday 10th June 2016 - Roundy Round: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po do a roundy round dance and watch children in Tummy Tales ride a carousel which goes round and round too.

Monday 13th June 2016 - New Toy: The children in Tummy Tales play a game of pass the parcel and win a surprise toy, while the Dup Dup delivers toys for the Teletubbies to play with and even Noo-Noo enjoys a new treat.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 - Sing Song: Laa-Laa makes up a lovely song about all of the things she sees on her walk across Teletubbyland; Laa-Laa sings a song to Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po; they sing the song together and watch a children's choir sing.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - Messy Fun: The Teletubbies get very messy when the tubby custard machine takes them on a tubby custard ride which splats tubby custard everywhere; the children in Tummy Tales have messy fun with art in the park.

Thursday 16th June 2016 - Silly Sausages: Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po laugh themselves silly with a funny joke but it doesn't tickle Dipsy in the same way; Dipsy's funny dance; the Teletubbies all laugh together.

Friday 17th June 2016 - Red: A red balloon floats into Teletubbyland; Po leads the Tubby Phone Dance; Po's favorite color; Po shows the Tiddlytubbies the red balloon; the Teletubbies watch children play in a room full of red balloons.

Monday 20th June 2016 - Reflections: Dipsy's hat falls into a puddle and gets wet.

Tuesday 21st June 2016 - Big Dance: The Teletubbies do a new dance.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 - Train Ride: Po gets on the Custard Train and makes a lot of tubby custard.

Thursday 23rd June 2016 - Wait For It: The Teletubbies wait for Tubby Toast to be ready and for the Tubby Phone to be answered; a boy in Tummy Tales waits to cross a road.


Mondays at 6:00pm from Monday 6th June 2016

Monday 6th June 2016 - Graining Day; The Breadator: While SwaySway is training Buhdeuce how to survive monster attacks, they stumble upon an old Breadwinner in the mines. (#217)

Monday 13th June 2016 at 6:00pm - Budouble Trouble; Unlucky Duckies: Buhdeuce eats clone bread, creating not quite exact copies of himself. (#219A)

Monday 20th June 2016 at 6:00pm - Rambamwho: Rambamwho; Nightmare on Swamp Pad Lane: SwaySway and Buhdeuce convince Rambamboo to become a free-spirited party animal after she eats a loaf of Forget-Who-I-Am bread. (#218A)

Monday 27th June 2016 at 6:00pm - The Princess Frog Bride: (#216A)

Chase Champion

Tuesday 31st May 2016 - Power Up; Freeze; Super Car: Chase makes a big discovery and gets his first PowerUp.

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - Dragon; Teleport; Power Suit: Chase summons a dragon to deal with a bully.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 - Power Punch; Gork: Diego convinces Chase to use the power suit to start a slushy business; Gretchen gets a clue.

Friday 3rd June 2016 - Gauntlet; Boss Battle; Bonus Round: Gretchen makes a startling discovery while Chase learns something surprising about his mother.

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness:
Wednesday's at 6:00pm from 8th June 2016

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - The First Five: When Po throws a party and invites the First Furious Five to attend, everyone is surprised to learn that Shifu may not be a courageous hero. (#321)

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - See No Weeevil: (#323)

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 - Face Full of Fear: (#325)

Wednesday 29th June 2016 - Emperors Rules - Hour-long, two-part series finale: (#998-60)

Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir:

Saturday 4th June 2016 at 8:30pm - Animan: While Marinette waits for Adrien at the Zoo, the zookeeper gets akumatized into Animan, a shapeshifter who can take the form of any animal.

Rabbids Invasion:
Tuesdays at 6:00pm from 7th June 2016

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - Rabbid 00Zilch; Mad Rabbid & the Rabbid Clones; Mad Fly Rabbid: Rabbid 00Zilch; Mad Rabbid & the Rabbid Clones; Mad Fly Rabbid: A rogue Rabbid plans to destroy the moon; Mad Rabbid finds a way to make clones of himself; a Rabbid turns into a housefly after getting mixed up in one of Mad Rabbid's experiments. (#224)

Tuesday 14th June 2016 - Rabbid of the Third Kind; The Pact of the Super Rabbids; On the Rabbid Trail: John the scientist tries another one of his experiments on the Rabbids; three Rabbids with super powers escape from the lab; the super power Rabbids board a president's plane. (#220)

Tuesday 21st June 2016 - Rabbid on Film/Bubble-Wrap Rabbid/Lost Ball Rabbids: The Rabbids try to make their own blockbuster movie; Lapinibernatus creates a bubble device to keep the other Rabbids out; John picks up Lapinibernatus as a test subject. (#303)

Tuesday 28th June 2016 - Odd Rabbid Out/Rabbid on Repeat/Rabbid Real-Estate Rampage: Lapinibernatus tries to get his time-traveling television back from a group of Rabbids; the Rabbids accidentally crush a gift for Lapinibernatus; an engineer wants to build on the Rabbids' junkyard. (#301)


Top Ten Trick Shots:
Fridays at 9:00pm from 3rd June 2016

Friday 3rd June 2016 - Get Outside: Trick shot and stunt videos from the great outdoors.

Friday 10th June 2016 - Baseball: Baseball-themed videos from across the Web. (TBA)


TeenNick Top 10: Friday 3rd June 2016 at 9:00pm. (Episode #613)

Boy Meets World (TeenNick premieres):

Wednesday 1st June 2016 at 9:00pm - What a Drag!: Eric and Jack disguise themselves as women to escape a bully; Cory fixes up the apartment.

Wednesday 1st June 2016 at 9:30pm - The War: Escalating practical jokes lead to a feud between friends in which Cory, Shawn and Topanga side against Rachel, Angela and Jack.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 at 9:00pm - Seven the Hard Way: A look into the future shows Cory and Topanga what life would be like if they ended their relationships with Shawn and the others.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 at 9:30pm - How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back: Cory and Topanga, offended when their friends say they're boring, throw a party to prove they can have fun.

Nick at Nite

Instant Mom:

Friday 3rd June 2016 at 6:30am - Two Guys and a Gabby: Gabby uses a childhood friend to make Noah jealous; Stephanie tries to correct Aaron when he accidentally calls her "Mom."

Tuesday 7th June 2016 at 6:30am - Yelly Monster: After Aaron describes Stephanie as a "yelly monster" when she tries to get the family ready in the morning, Stephanie realizes that she must do better. (#121)

Friday 10th June 2016 at 6:30am - Ghost Busted: After defying Charlie and taking Gabby to see a scary movie, Stephanie ends up being the one who is shaken up.

Still The King

Monday 13th June 2016 at 1:06am - [No episode title]: Former country star "Burnin" Vernon Brown's (Billy Ray Cyrus) free wheeling lifestyle is curbed after he's arrested and a judge orders him to pay 15 years of back child support for a daughter he never knew existed.

Monday 13th June 2016 at 1:39am - Preach On: When the real preacher shows up, Vernon and Walt hatch a plan to get rid of him; Debbie (Joey Lauren Adams) has to jump through hoops with Child Services to prove she's a good mother to Charlotte.

TV Land

Wednesdays at 10:00pm from 1st June 2016

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - George Needs Vegas: George faces rising frustration from community troubles at both his Beverly Hills and San Fernando properties. (#110)

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Fear and Loving on the Way to Las Vegas: George is left stranded in the desert on his way to Las Vegas due to car troubles, but a couple with a secret comes to his aid. (#111)

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - George Goes All In: TBA (#112) (season finale)

The Jim Gaffigan Show:
Sundays at 10:00pm from 19th June 2016

Sunday 19th June 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 1 (season two premiere)
Sunday 19th June 2016 at 10:30pm - Episode 2
Sunday 26th June 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 3
Sunday 19th June 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 4
Sunday 3rd July 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 5
Sunday 10th July 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 6
Sunday 17th July 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 7
Sunday 24th July 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 8
Sunday 31st July 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 8
Sunday 7th August 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 9
Sunday 14th August 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 10
Sunday 21st August 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 11
Sunday 28th August 2016 at 10:00pm - Episode 12

The Soul Man:
Wednesdays at 10:30pm from 1st June 2016

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - White Trash: Boyce is blamed for the garbage strike and it determined to end it with or without Mayor Saxby; Alicia has a surprising offer for Stamps; Barton is stretched thin between the church and the campaign.

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Numb and Number: Boyce must convince a reluctant Dr. Zagelman to withdraw from the mayoral race and endorse him instead; Barton helps Stamps make a life-changing decision; Lolli and Alicia take an enlightening shopping trip.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - Boyce Don't Cry: (TBA) (season finale)

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