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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Nickelodeon Artist Program Announces 2015 NAP Semi-Finalists

The Nickelodeon Artist Program, a program designed to nurture the development of emerging and diverse artists for positions at Nickelodeon, while supporting their growth, has announced the programs 2015 NAP Semi-Finalists!

Nickelodeon can't create the most awesome kids television in the world without the most awesome artists in the world. Nickelodeon provides a salaried position for six months to aspiring artists and offer them the chance to hone their craft in a totally hands-on way; by learning from artists who are currently working on one of Nickelodeon's series.

Nickelodeon's Artist Program offers two creative avenues to pursue: The General Track and Storyboard Track. The General Track offers hands-on experience working with established color, background, character, and prop artists, while the Storyboard Track offers hands-on experience working with lead storyboard artists.

This year, the Nickelodeon Artist Program received a record number of submissions this year.

Without further ado, Nickelodeon are pleased to announce the 2015 NAP Semi-Finalists!

The Semi-Finalists in the General (Design) Track are...

Andrew Michael Barry
Adele Hawkins
Cassie Yan
Breanna McCoy
James Lien
Benjamin Hipolito
Gabriella Rossetti
Arlan Jewell
Cassey Kuo
Dongyeon Suh
Jarrod Gecek
Daniel Walker
Francis Boncales
Ethan Dean
Jacques Lee
Cami Sanders
Allentine Tanujaya
Andrew Douglas
Annie Chen
Catherine Horne
Aamir Moosa
Seung Eun (Emily) Paik
Katia Grifols
Zheng Kang
Kendall Hale
Nic Gregory
Kaileigh Preston
Lauren Patterson
Michael Okey
Oth Khotsimeuang
Liz Pulido
Megan Van Voorhies
Narges Jafari
Johel Rivera
Sara Kipin
Joel Caswell
Marcos Cohen
Vincent Lau
Limei Zhao
Mallory Carlson

The Semi-Finalists in the Storyboard Track are...

Megan Lawton
Caitlin Elise
Patsy Chen
Ashlyn Antsee
Gabe Del Valle
Yui Kurita
Margaret Kawsek
Jane Kim
Turner Lange
April Amezquita
Rachel Scott
Vickie S. Chau
Jonathon Wallach
Jasmine Moody

All Semi-Finalists' submissions will now move to Round 2 of judging; after which Nickelodeon will determine the Finalists.

To find out more about the Nickelodeon Artist Program, please visit

Congratulations and good luck to all semi-finalists!