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Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2014 Winners

The stage is set, the slime is slimy and ready, and the orange carpet has been rolled out! Nickelodeon "Kids' Choice Sports 2014" is finally here! During the event, I'll be posting the winners of Nickelodeon's inaugural "Kids' Choice Sports" awards ceremony, Nickelodeon's 1st Annual Kids' Choice Sports Awards, hosted and executive produced by Michael Strahan, as they are announced, right here on NickALive! Keep refreshing the page to make sure your up-to-date with who's won which blimp award at the 2014 KCS! Bring on the slime!

UPDATE - Nickelodeon's first-ever Kids' Choice Sports is now sadly over. Roll on Kids' Choice Sports 2015 (Nickelodeon's 2nd Annual Kids' Choice Sports Awards)!

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Note - This NickALive! blog post contains spoilers about the Nickelodeon 2014 Kids' Choice Sports Awards that some NickALive! readers may prefer to avoid. Please scroll down the page if you wish to continue.

The winners of Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards 2014 are:

(Winners in bold)


They are, simply put, the best athletes in the world. Driving the offense or barreling through the toughest defense, they never cease to amaze us with their athleticism, their moves and their mastery of the game. In short, the nominees for these two categories represent the best male and female athletes currently competing in traditional sports.

* Tom Brady (NFL, New England Patriots)
WINNER - * Kevin Durant (NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder)
* Dale Earnhardt Jr. (NASCAR)
* LeBron James (NBA, Miami Heat)
* Derek Jeter (MLB, New York Yankees)
* Peyton Manning (NFL, Denver Broncos)
* Dwyane Wade (NBA, Miami Heat)
* Tiger Woods (Golf)


WINNER - * Gabby Douglas (US Gymnastics)
* Gracie Gold (US Figure Skater)
* Candace Parker (WNBA, Los Angeles Sparks)
* Danica Patrick (NASCAR)
* Hope Solo (NWSL, Seattle Reign FC)
* Lindsey Vonn (US Skiing)
* Serena Williams (WTA)


The excitement surrounding a new sports prospect can be incredible, especially when that prospect starts to deliver on the anticipation of greatness. The nominees in this category represent the first or second year pros that have lived up to the hype – in other words, the newbie that is most likely to succeed.

* Skylar Diggins (WNBA, Tulsa Shock)
* Bryce Harper (MLB, Washington Nationals)
* Yasiel Puig (MLB, Los Angeles Dodgers)
* Sloane Stephens (WTA)
* Mike Trout (MLB, Anaheim Angels)
WINNER - * Russell Wilson (NFL, Seattle Seahawks)


Every season has its most talked about, spectacular or awe-inspiring catches. The nominees in this category represent the MLB or NFL athletes who have made the most unbelievable, highlight reel-worthy catches of the year from baseball or football.

WINNER - * Dez Bryant (NFL, Dallas Cowboys)
* Calvin Johnson (NFL, Detroit Lions)
* Yaisel Puig (MLB, Los Angeles Dodgers)
* Mike Trout (MLB, Anaheim Angels)


They are the last line of defense between the puck or the ball and the goal. Play after play, the goalies of hockey and soccer make the impossible stops – using their bodies to keep their teams on top. The nominees in this category represent goalies who have made the most incredible saves of the year.

WINNER - * Tim Howard (English club Everton and the United States Men's National Team)
* Henrik Lundqvist (NHL, New York Rangers)
* Ryan Miller (NHL, St. Louis Blues)
* Jonathan Quick (NHL, Los Angeles Kings)
* Hope Solo (NWSL, Seattle Reign FC)


Teammates rely on these athletes to make the plays when it counts the most. Their participation is clutch to the success of their teams, and the fans know it. The nominees in this category come from a variety of sports and alter the game just by being on the field.

WINNER - * Carmelo Anthony (NBA, New York Knicks)
* Skylar Diggins (WNBA, Tulsa Shock)
* Kevin Durant (NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder)
* LeBron James (NBA, Miami Heat)
* Marshawn Lynch (NFL, Seattle Seahawks)
* David Ortiz (MLB, Boston Red Sox)
* Abby Wambach (NWSL, The Western NY Flash)


Professional athletes make it look so easy that sometimes we forget the sheer agility required to play with the best of the best. Until you see the nominees of this category do their thing – they're the soccer players with the mind-blowing dribble, the hockey players who can do amazing things on skates or the football players who dazzle us with their fancy footwork.

* Sidney Crosby (NHL, Pittsburgh Penguins)
* Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy and the United States Men's National Team)
* Blake Griffin (NBA, Los Angeles Clippers)
* Lionel Messi (Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Argentine Men's National Team)
WINNER * Alex Morgan (NWSL, Portland Thorns)
* Alexander Ovechkin (NHL, Washington Capitals)
* Chris Paul (NBA, Los Angeles Clippers)
* Adrian Peterson (NFL, Minnesota Vikings)


They flip, fly and soar their way into the highlight reels of the X games and other action sports competitions on the regular and kids can't get enough. They're the death-defying athletes of slopestyle, the BMX racers or the skateboarders who risk life and limb every day to accomplish the impossible.

* Nyjah Huston (American professional street skateboarder)
* Travis Pastrana (motorsports competitor)
* Kelly Slater (Surfer)
* Lindsey Vonn (US Skiing)
WINNER - * Shaun White (American professional snowboarder and skateboarder)


A team is nothing without its fans – we've seen fans' support pull a team out of a tough situation again and again. The nominees in this category represent the best fans in professional sports – the rally-caped, face-painted, "never give up on your team" fanatics who live for their team no matter what. Now we honor them by including them in the nominees for this category that will be accepted by a member of the team and a fan.

* Detroit Red Wings Fans
* Green Bay Packers Fans
* Oakland Raiders Fans
* Oklahoma City Thunder Fans
* Pittsburgh Steelers Fans
WINNER - * Seattle Seahawks Fans

PARTY LIKE A SPORTS STAR (Best Victory Celebration)

Win or lose, athletes always lay it all on the line, so when they win, they let it all hang out – dancing in the end zone, ripping off their shirts and sliding across the field in exaltation. The nominees in this category represent the athletes who know how to celebrate a win, team or solo, from the world of professional sports.

WINNER - * Victor Cruz (NFL, New York Giants)
* Knowshon Moreno (NFL, Miami Dolphins)
* Rafael Nadal (ATP)
* Cam Newton (NFL, Carolina Panthers)
* Cristiano Ronaldo (Spanish club Real Madrid and Portugal Men's National Team)
* Abby Wambach (NWSL, The Western NY Flash)


All professional athletes do incredible things, but there are a select few who also look incredible while they're doing it. The male and female nominees in this category are the best dressed, most stylin', most swag worthy couple of athletes off the court.

* Eric Decker (NFL, New York Jets)
* Henrik Lundqvist (NHL, New York Rangers)
* Cristiano Ronaldo (Spanish club Real Madrid and Portugal Men's National Team)
* Amar'e Stoudemire (NBA, New York Knicks)
WINNER - * Dwyane Wade (NBA, Miami Heat)
* Russell Westbrook (NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder)


* Skylar Diggins (WNBA, Tulsa Shock)
WINNER - * Gabby Douglas (US Gymnast)
* Lolo Jones (US Track and Field and Bobsled)
* Maria Sharapova (WTA)
* Lindsey Vonn (US Skiing)
* Serena Williams (WTA)


Some of the most incredible arms in sports belong to athletes from the worlds of baseball, football and tennis. This category honors the outfielders, pitchers, catchers, quarterbacks and tennis players with the strongest arms in the game.

* Novak Djokovic (ATP)
* Clayton Kershaw (MLB, Los Angeles Dodgers)
* Cam Newton (NFL, Carolina Panthers)
* Aaron Rodgers (NFL, Green Bay Packers)
* Ben Roethlisberger (NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers)
* Justin Verlander (MLB, Detroit Tigers)
WINNER - * Serena Williams (WTA)


Injuries a part of the game, but getting back from them is about perseverance, dedication and heart. The nominees in this category have all overcome potentially career-ending injuries to come back in a big way.

WINNER - * Bethany Hamilton (Surfer)
* Peyton Manning (NFL, Denver Broncos)
* Adrian Peterson (NFL, Minnesota Vikings)
* Albert Pujols (MLB, Anaheim Angels)
* Rajon Rondo (NBA, Boston Celtics)
* Russell Westbrook (NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder)


Being a top athlete is no easy task, but finding two top athletes who are also siblings is even more rare. Sometimes athletic prowess runs in the family. The male and female athletes in this category represent a pair of siblings who are both at the top of their game.

* Dufour-Lapointe sisters (Olympic Mogul Skiing, Justine, Chloe and Maxime)
* Gasol brothers (NBA, Pau (LA Lakers), Marc (Memphis Grizzlies))
* Gronkowski brothers (NFL, Rob (NE Patriots), Dan (Detroit Lions) and Chris (San Diego Chargers))
* Lopez brothers (NBA, Brook (NJ Nets), Robin (Portland Trailblazers))
* Manning brothers (NFL, Peyton (Denver Broncos), Eli (NY Giants))
* Staal brothers (NHL, Eric (Carolina Hurricanes), Marc (NY Rangers), Jordan (Carolina Hurricanes), Jared (Carolina Hurricanes))
* Upton brothers (MLB, Atlanta Braves, BJ and Justin)
* Williams sisters (WTA , Venus and Serena)

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2014 Notes and Pre-show Extras:

Time for David Beckham to win the 1st ever Kids Choice Sports GOLDEN blimp! It's gonna look nice next to all those soccer trophies!

David Beckham and his sons, Romeo & Cruz Beckham, get covered in the first-ever GOLD SLIME!!!!

[photo credit: @Be_StyleMyHeart]

Pharrell performs his hit song 'Happy'!

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald beat Seattle Seahawks defensive back Earl Thomas III in the inaugural Nickelodeon "Kids' Choice Sports 2014" "Verizon Power Dunk" competition, but both got dunked in slime!

The Rock presents the Kids Choice Sports award for Best Male Athlete!

Congratulations to Ricardo Jacobo that just won $50,000 for throwing half court and making it!

FACT: The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2014 awards will use 20,000 gallons of slime! (source)

It's the half-time show! One lucky kid will attempt a half-court shot for 50K!

Ariana Grande performs her hit single 'Problem' at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2014!

Carlos PenaVega gets his forehead autographed by Floyd Mayweather!

Michael Strahan raps at Kids Choice Sports!

Dude Perfect are gonna show us how good their throws are! Think they can pull off a trick at #KidsChoiceSports? Keep watching to find out!

First slime of the night goes to Michael Strahan!

Nick Gamer will be giving away Tony Hawk's skateboard!

Michael Strahan's Emotional Response to Hosting Kids' Choice Sports Awards:

Nickelodeon Star Carlos PenaVega ("Webheads", "Big Time Rush") to host Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Sports Orange Carpet pre-show! - @NickelodeonTV

"First Vine of the night! Think we can cram more kids into the #KidsChoiceSports Vine 360 booth? cc @twittertv" - @NickelodeonTV:

".@nate_robinson just hit up our #KidsChoiceSports GIF booth! Look out for him during the show at 8pm/7c" - @NickelodeonTV

"Score! @lisaleslie just stopped by the #KidsChoiceSports GIF booth!" - The Bosco ‏@theboscofeed

"The stage is set for #KidsChoiceSports" - ‏@NickelodeonPR:

Currently at the #KidsChoiceSports at #UCLA #PauleyPavilion - Vu Pham ‏@supsupvu:

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