Thursday, July 04, 2013

Nickelodeon And "Sam & Cat" Stars Jennette McCurdy And Ariana Grande Film New Advertisement For Nestle's Nesquik In New York City (Photos)

The British daily tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail is reporting in an article on their official website, the Mail Online, that Nickelodeon Stars Jennette McCurdy ("iCarly") and Ariana Grande ("Victorious"), who portray Sam Puckett and Ariana Grande, respectively, in the brand new Nick original comedy series "Sam & Cat", were in New York City, New York on Wednesday 3rd July 2013 to shoot a commercial for Nestlé's Nesquik brand, where the actresses were photographed having a great time on the advertisement set!:
Nickelodeon costars Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy lark around on set of TV commercial

As successful child stars, one would expect there would be some sense of rivalry between the two actresses.

But Ariana Grande, 20, and Jennette McCurdy, 21, appeared to be having a ball together on set on Wednesday.

The Nickelodeon costars plated around with a pair of rabbit ears as they shot a Nesquik commerical together in New York City.

On-set fun: Nickelodeon costars Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy larked around together on the set of a Nesquik commercial on Wednesday in New York City

Ariana looked doll-like in a flirty floral frock paired with ballet flats, her hair straight over her shoulders and her makeup fresh and glossy.

Jennette, meanwhile, look more edgy in skinny black jeans, a tight blue top and black leather boots.

The blonde playfully held the iconic Nesquik bunny's ears behind Ariana's head during shooting, and the pair also posed with fans in between takes.

Doll-like: Ariana, 20, looked fresh-faced in a floral dress and pink lipstick

Biker chic: Jennette opted for an edgier look, donning black skinny jeans, a tight top and black leather boots for the commercial

Good friends: The actresses were seen laughing and chatting together on set in between takes

Jennette starred in Nickolodeon's iCarly, which came to an end after a successful six season-run last November.

Ariana, meanwhile, starred in Victorius, which wrapped up a four-season run in February.

The actresses now star as their same characters in the spinoff Sam And Cat, which premiered in June.

Playing the game: Ariana happily posed with paparazzi during shooting

Gracious star: The actress hugged a young fan who appeared thrilled to be meeting the brunette

Primp and preen: Ariana had her makeup touched up in between takes

The new show is based on classic Seventies' sitcoms and follows two young women with different personalities who become roommates and open a babysitting business together.

The girls, however, aren't very good at their job.

'Neither of us are very responsible,' Ariana told MTV News. 'We're babysitters, but I don't think we're that good to the kids.'
Jennette added: 'I feel like they are the least ambitious entrepreneurs of all time. It's the worst example of babysitting ever. Cat's intentions are pure, but Sam's like, "I just want the money."'

Good spirits: Jennette gamely smiled for the camera as she waited to shoot while holding her bunny ears

Teaming up: The actresses star in the spinoff show Sam And Cat about two very different young women who start a babysitting business