Monday, March 04, 2013

Hachette Partworks Launches Brand New "Make And Bake With Peppa Pig" Children's Cookery Magazine In The UK!

The partwork magazine publisher Hachette Partworks has announced the exciting Nick Jr. UK News / Peppa Pig news that they have partnered with Entertainment One and Astley Baker Davies Ltd to launch a brand new multi-part fortnightly children's cookery magazine that's based on the popular Nick Junior UK and Ireland animated preschool series "Peppa Pig" called "Make and Bake with Peppa Pig"!

Each issue of "Make and Bake with Peppa Pig", published every 2 weeks, is packed full of features in which readers can learn about Peppa's special baking secrets, including a Peppa Pig comic strip where readers can read all about Peppa and George's latest adventures, lots of Peppa Pig themed activities and puzzles, a food facts section where readers can learn all about the food they eat, and easy to follow recipes! Each issue also comes with new pieces of special child-friendly Peppa and George cookery ware which helps make baking fun and easy which readers can collect and build up into a special Peppa Pig and George kitchenware collection, including a Peppa Pig dinner set (featuring a children's knife, fork and spoon set, plates and bowls) for readers to serve up their yummy creations on, plus a rocket shaped cake stand, baking trays, cupcake holders, utensils (including a set of measuring spoons and a wooden spoon), goody bags, a jug, tumblers, bowls, a sieve, a number cake mold set, a rolling pin, spatulas, and much more, designed for little cooks, as free gifts!

The first issue (issue #1) is available to buy at newsagents and supermarkets around the UK now and online at the official website of the "Make and Bake with Peppa Pig" magazine, and costs 99p (€1.50). Issue 2 will be available to purchase soon for £2.99 (€4.50), then issue 3 onwards will be priced at £4.99.

As a special offer, if you subscribe to Hachette Partworks' brand new "Make and Bake with Peppa Pig" magazine, you'll also receive four free Peppa Pig gifts - a Peppa Pig beanie toy for you to cuddle up to that has been created exclusively for the "Make and Bake with Peppa Pig" collection by the North American plush character company Ty Inc. (Beanie Babies), a Peppa Pig lunch bag to pack your tasty creations into and a flask to make sure you'll never be thirsty on the move, a chef's hat and apron set, to make sure you look the part while making your delicious dishes, and a set of two special bespoke Peppa Pig egg cups! Plus, subscribers will be entered into a special competition where they can win one of 5 family tickets to visit the world's first Peppa Pig World Theme Park at Paultons Park, Hampshire, UK! This amazing land lets youngsters discover Peppa's World in nearly 3 acres of fully themed fun! There are 7 amazing rides including Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Flight, Peppa's Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa's Little Train, George's Dinosaur Adventure and you can even ride in a 'cloud' around Windy Castle! The park also features a huge indoor play area, George's Spaceship Playzone and superb animated themed attractions including a chance to visit Peppa and her family in their house! So subscribe today for your chance to win one of 5 family tickets and visit Peppa and all her friends!

You can find out much more information about Hachette Partworks' brand new "Make and Bake with Peppa Pig" magazine, including how to subscribe, watch the television advertisement, and play the online Peppa Pig game "George's Space Adventure" here on the magazines official website,!