Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Cast Of The Popular Nickelodeon Sitcom "Victorious" Say That Season 4 Is The Best Season Yet!

Below is a Nickelodeon News article about the all-new fourth season of the hit Nickelodeon comedy series "Victorious", which Nickelodeon USA is currently premiering in North America every Saturday night as part of Nickelodeon USA's brand new Nickelodeon Programming Stunt and Block called "Gotta See Saturdays", from the 'Nickelodeon Stars' section of the (geo-locked) official Nickelodeon USA website,
The Victorious Cast Says This Is The Best Season Yet!

Just when you thought Victorious couldn't get any better, the new season hit the tube! And not only do we think these all new episodes are some of the best yet, but the cast thinks so, too! While walking the red carpet at the Creative Arts Emmys, the Hollywood Arts posse spilled to ClevverTV on how excited they are for the new shows airing this fall.

When chatting about their thousands of fans and followers, Liz Gillies exclaimed, "They're gonna be so happy to see these episodes coming out!" And Ariana Grande added, "The season that is yet to come out is the best season yet."

But Avan Jogia thinks that the reason these episodes are so fantastic is because their group is tighter than ever! According to Avan, the set was filled with fun and games while shooting the last few episodes. "We just joked around," he said. "It was a good time."

And Avan wasn't alone. Everyone in this star-studded cast agrees. This season is the sweetest because of the close bond the cast shares on and off the screen. "We've really grown a family, you know, three years!" Leon Thomas said. "I think the last couple of episodes are just the complete essence of all of us being friends and being comfortable together," Liz added. And Ariana continued, "The hardest I've ever laughed in my entire life has been with these people."

Well, funny enough, the hardest we've ever laughed was probably watching the show! And we've still got quite a few laughs left. Don't miss another all new episode of Victorious coming your way this Saturday at 8:30/7:30c!