Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photographs From The Set Of Nickelodeon's Brand New Television Comedy Series "Marvin, Marvin"

Actress Mim Drew, who will be co-starring alongside Nickelodeon Star Lucas Cruikshank (Fred Figglehorn in the Nickelodeon comedy series "Fred: The Show"), Tweeted (posted) a exclusive photograph on her official Twitter profile page (@mimdrew) featuring herself and Lucas Cruikshank in front of the live studio audience which was taken while Lucas Cruikshank and Mim Drew were on the studio set filming and recording scenes for Lucas' brand new live-action Nickelodeon comedy series "Marvin, Marvin" on Friday 21st September 2012:
@lucascruikshank hanging with our LiVE audience!!! Marvin Marvin for Nick!

Meanwhile, Lucas Cruikshank has also shared a exclusive photograph from the taping which features the cast of his brand new Nickelodeon comdey show, "Marvin, Marvin", in a Tweet on his official Twitter feed (‏@LucasCruikshank):
Follow my tv family! @victoryvantuyl [actress Victory Van Tuyl] @mimdrew [Actress Mim Drew] @thatPatFinn [actor Pat Finn]

Actress Mim Drew has also Tweeted (posted) a few other exclusive photographs from the recording of the brand new Nickelodeon television show "Marvin, Marvin" on her official Twitter stream (@mimdrew), including one of her and co-star Victory Van Tuyl, who will be playing Mother and Daughter on the brand new Nickelodeon show, backstage behind the scenes at the live taping of "Marvin, Marvin":
Victory and me at our live taping tonight!! Mommy & daughter!

And another featuring Mim Drew and another of her co-stars on the kitchen set of "Marvin, Marvin" which was taken on Thursday 20th September 2012:

Nickelodeon announced at their annual upfront presentation conference earlier this year (Nickelodeon Upfront 2012) that Nickelodeon had greenlit a 26-episode pick-up of "Marvin, Marvin" (also known as "Marvin Marvin"), an original new series starring internet sensation Lucas Cruikshank (AKA Fred), that will be Executive Produced by Jeff Bushell and The Collective. Nickelodeon's brand new half-hour comedy follows the exploits of Marvin, an alien teen, living with a human family, while trying to fit into life on earth, and will star Lucas Cruikshank as Marvin, Mim Drew as the Mom, Victory Van Tuyl as the Daughter, Pat Finn, and Eric Dean Seaton. According to actor Pat Finn on his official Twitter profile page (@thatPatFinn), Nickelodeon USA is due to premiere and show the brand new Nickelodeon comedy show "Marvin, Marvin" from this Fall (Autumn).