Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Irish "Glee" Star Damian McGinty In Talks With Nickelodeon For Future Projects

The Irish actor and singer Damian McGinty, who won a guest-starring role on the North American musical comedy-drama television series "Glee" playing Rory Flanagan, a foreign exchange student who is staying with Brittany S. Pierce's family, after winning the first season of "The Glee Project", a North American reality television series to find the next stars of "Glee", has announced in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy that he is currently in talks with Nickelodeon and Disney about future projects:
[Damian McGinty] added that he will release a single in a couple of weeks and is in talks with Nickelodeon and Disney about future projects.
You can watch Digital Spy's exclusive video interview with "Glee" actor Damian McGinty here on the official Digital Spy website,