Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Are They Now: Nickelodeon And "Drake And Josh" Stars Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell

Below is a Nickelodeon News article about Nickelodeon's popular live-action original comedy series "Drake & Josh" and the Nickelodeon Stars Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove from the 'Nickelodeon Celebrities' section of the (geo-locked) official Nickelodeon USA website, Nick.com:
Where Are They Now: Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell

Who remembers when Miranda Cosgrove made her oh-so-adorable Nick debut? It was back in the year 2004, when she scored one of her first TV gigs as the adorably menacing Megan on Drake and Josh! And little Miranda accomplished more than just making audiences everywhere laugh out loud with her sinister pranks on the show. She also made great pals with her on-screen big bro, Drake Bell. But why are we chatting about this years after the fact? Well, in typical Throwback Thursday fashion, we've been wondering...What's up with this dynamic duo now?

First, let's back track for a second. We already know Drake and MC's friendship lasted far beyond the Drake and Josh set, 'cause both stars stayed in the Nick fam after the show wrapped. As we all know, Miranda went on to headline her own show, iCarly, and Drake moved on to a bundle of new Hollywood gigs, like his lead role in A Fairly Odd Movie and an awesome appearance in Rags. And here's another tidbit to add to your Drake and Miranda knowledge...Drake's pipes are featured alongside Miranda's on iCarly's title track, "Leave It All To Me!"

But with all this history, are these two actors still buds?

The answer is yes! Sure, the two have moved on to all new projects in the year 2012, but they try their best to keep in touch. In fact, at this year's KCAs, Drake picked Miranda as the number one person that he'd wanna see slimed. "I think Miranda [Cosgrove is in for a slime]," Drake told Just Jared Jr. on the Orange Carpet. "I think she is in for a slime. Her time is up, it's been long enough, I am ready to see my little sister slimed."

As for Drake's latest gigs, we recently caught him making a cameo appearance on Victorious in the episode "April Fools Blank." And you can look forward his all new movie coming to Nick this holiday season, A Fairly Odd Christmas!

And what about Miranda? We all know iCarly is coming to a close this year. But this is not the end of the road for our favorite web show superstar. Miranda's ready to take on a whole new challenge this fall...college! Yesterday she tweeted, "On my way to my first day at USC!"

From hitting the books to promoting a new feature flick, we wish this duo the best of luck in all their upcoming endeavors. And we're happy to see that this throwback bro and sis will continue to stay great pals through it all!