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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nickelodeon France Announces Plans To Premiere The Animated Original Nickelodeon Series "The Legend Of Korra" On Wednesday 19th September 2012 At 4.50pm!

Nickelodeon France has announced on their official Facebook page,, that Nickelodeon France will begin to premiere and show the brand new animated original Nickelodeon series (Nicktoon) "The Legend Of Korra" (locally called "La légende de Korra") from Wednesday 19th September 2012 at 4.50pm!:
Vous êtes nombreux à nous poser la question. La légende de Korra débarque le 19 septembre à 16h50 !

[Translation: Many of you ask us. The Legend of Korra arrives September 19th at 16:50!]