Thursday, January 05, 2012

Johnny Cupcakes Releases Third Wave Of "Johnny Cupcakes x Nickelodeon" T-Shirts

According to the latest Johnny Cupcakes e-newsletter, the clothing brand Johnny Cupcakes has released the third and final installment of their "Johnny Cupcakes x Nickelodeon collaboration" clothing and accessories line.

The third batch (also known as "Nickelodeon Episode 3") of Johnny Cupcakes' and Nickelodeon's "Johnny Cupcakes Nickelodeon Collaboration" clothing and accessories line, also known as "JCxNick" and which Johnny Cupcakes released worldwide on Saturday 31st December 2011, includes a brand new "The Angry Beavers" T-shirt which features Norbert Foster Beaver and Daggett Doofus Beaver floating on a log flume in a river with a Piranha fish swimming near them, a brand new "Hey Arnold!" T-Shirt depicting a scene similar to a scene from the very first episode of "Hey Arnold!" called "Downtown as Fruits" and features Arnold and his friends dressed in "Johnny Cupcakes" themed costumes (Arnold is dressed in a Cupcake costume, Gerald Johanssen is dressed in a cake Frosting tin costume, Helga G. Pataki is dressed in a Baking Flour packet costume, Harold Berman is dressed in a Oven Mitt costume, and Rhonda Wellington Lloyd is dressed as a whisk cooking utensil), and a brand new "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" Tee Shirt which features a slogan similar to an episode title of AYAOTD? which says "The Tale Of The Johnny Cupcakes Curse" in the style and font of the "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" logo.

You can buy the brand new "Johnny Cupcakes x Nickelodeon collaboration" T-shirts by heading on over to your local Johnny Cupcakes store or by placing an order online now while stocks last. Johnny Cupcakes ship worldwide!

Nickelodeon fans and Johnny Cupcakes fans in the UK can buy the brand new Nickelodeon-themed "Johnny Cupcakes Nickelodeon Collaboration" shirts at Johnny Cupcakes' London, UK shop (or shoppe) located at 10 Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street, London, W1F7PF, UK, or through the official Johnny Cupcakes website.

To celebrate the release of the third and final wave of Johnny Cupcakes's "A Johnny Cupcakes Nickelodeon Collaboration" Nickelodeon clothing and accessories line, which feature characters from classic Nickelodeon shows from the 1990's, worldwide on Saturday 31st December 2011, Johnny Cupcakes released a high quality high-definition exclusive video which charts and details the creative processes that made Nickelodeon's retro "A Johnny Cupcakes Nickelodeon Collaboration" clothing and accessories line possible, from the beginning to the actual 'episode' releases, which you can view here on NickALive!.

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